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Claude Duplain
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Patrice Dallaire
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Howard Bruce
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Francois Dion

Pierre de Savoye

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20/10/00 Simon D. Email:
Too close for this riding. In 1997:Bloc: 44%Liberal: 29%PC: 26%Near Quebec City this riding can change for the tories this time. Liberal have a chance only with a "star" candidate. No chance for Alliance and NDP.
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Another South-Central Riding... don't see any reason for it not to return to the Bloc.
26/10/00 Jean Doyon Email:
Too close. The Tories have a little chance in this riding. The popular Bloc MP Mr. De Savoye do not run for a third mandate. Libs go no where there. I live in Ste-Foy and I work in Portneuf. The Bloc is in trouble with his candidate. For exemple: In the local newpaper: " The PC's have a new vision with a young candidate" Or for the Bloc: "The Bloc Candidate not live in Portneuf" My prediction for the riding: BLOC VS PC.
30/10/00 A.S.
Actually, given changing voter dynamics I can see *more* of a long-term chance for Alliance than for PC in Portneuf--now, of course, it's Bloq per usual. Maybe the fact of Donnacona Pen'll get law'n'order Alliancers rolling along...
03/11/00 J.D. Email:
The Canadian Alliance have no organization. The BQ (Mr. Gilles Dallaire) and CA (Mr. Howard Bruce) not live in the riding. This is an important issue for the riding: WHY HE CAN'T LIVE IN THE RIDING? Many people was angry and will vote for Liberal or PC. The PC candidate (Mr.François Dion) and Liberal candidate (Mr. Claude Duplain) live in the riding. Chrétien rejected a good candidate and nominated a poor candidate, Mr. Duplain. Many liberals are angry by the decision of Mr. Chrétien and will vote for the tories. BLOC VS PC
15/11/00 Email:
Je suis un membre du Bloc dans Portneuf et je constate l'érosion du vote libéral vers le parti progressiste-conservateur. De plus, le BQ a perdu des appuis vers le PC et l'Alliance. Dans ces circonstances, je considère que le PC a de grandes chances de gagner le comté Portneuf. La dernière semaine se jouera exclusivement entre Bloc et PC. Actuellement: 1- Bloc 2- PC 3- Liberal 4- Alliance La vraie Bataille pour Portneuf: Bloc et PC
16/11/00 Email:
PC have momentum since last week in this riding. PC gain here
23/11/00 GC Email:
I just want to correct a few facts. Only one candidate lives in the federal ridind and it is Mr Dion. Mrs Duplain and Bruce used to live in the riding but they a both now in Ste-Foy if I am not mistaken. M. Dallaire is from the Saguenay but has not lived there for the last 20 years or so because of his career. PC an CA simply have no chance of winning. At best, they won't do so bad. Mr Duplain was a last minute candidate for a party trying to make the best out of a really bad situation.

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