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Aldéi Beaudoin
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Phillipe Ardilliez
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André Bachand
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Vincent Bernier
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Christian Simard

André Bachand

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13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Charest's coat-tails for the Tories around Sherbrooke are long-gone now. Chances are high that this last Tory straggler will go down in history as the last Tory to ever hold elected office in the province of Quebec, and he will easily be picked off by the Bloc.
19/10/00 J Smith Email:
This is one of 5 or 6 seats the Tories will be targeting this time around. The sitting MP is a Conservative and will have the weight of the PC Quebec campaign behind him. He has been a capable MP and vocal in the riding. Although he will not benefit this time from Jean Charest, the seat will return a Tory.
19/10/00 Peter Smith Email:
Bachand is well-liked. But the momentum isn't there. Since c-20 and the publication of the PC's dismal (within error margin, 1%, 4% etc..) poll results in the last 2 months, I'd say They feel safer backing a bigger anti-government party. Chretien delivered this one right to the Bloc.
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
Bachand is a strong Member and has stayed loyal to the Party, which will count in this riding. Look to full support from the Party and a good ground campaign to turn the tide for the PC's here.
25/10/00 K.W. Email:
Mr. Bachand is an honourable man who deserves praise for being the only person elected as a Tory in '97 who remained true to the colours. How Andre Harvey sleeps at night, I have no idea. That said, this will be the worst showing for an incumbent in all of Canada, unless Jack Ramsey runs as an Independent in Crowfoot. A third place showing, and not a close one. Having the "full weight" of the Quebec PC campaign behind him may get him his expenses reimbursed (15% or more) but I wouldn't bet on it.
30/10/00 A.S.
I'm hedging, I'm; I can't see it. Though Bachand's sure got pluck. Perhaps he'll be left with nothing but electoral Asbestos fibres; but maybe the voters'll admire that pluck. But if the federalist fracture will be felt anywhere, it's here. Simply by being the sitting member, Bachand's "competitive"...but in a way that leaves Liberals and PCs smashing into each other. And this, at the edge of the Eastern Townships where BQ tends to be soft and "vulnerable". Now, Bloq's got it on a more of a platter than they merited...
31/10/00 Adam Daifallah
With Charest staying out of the race and with the Tories polling at 3-5% in Quebec, there is no way that Bachand can hold on to his seat. Look for him to be packing his bags come election day.
01/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
Andre Bachand gets a high rating on the "you've got to admire his courage" scale, but that probably won't amount to much on election day. However, (and this is admittedly an off-the-wall prediction), he might be able to pull enough support from soft-nationalists to split the Bloc vote and allow a Liberal victory. Bachand is probably closer to the Bloc than the Liberals, policy-wise, and while that won't save him, it could affect the final result.
03/11/00 Blake Robert
Joe Clark's campaign of Change You Can Trust will backfire in his lone Quebec riding for the same reason it is backfiring across the country... NO ONE IS LISTENING!!!!!!! Nah nah nah... nah nah nah... hey Andre... goodbye...
05/11/00 JFB
André Bachand a du courage. C'est un homme de volonté. Il n'a pas cherché à tahir qui que ce soit. Il est resté lui-même, sans chercher à mentir. Les gens éliront l'homme. Donc, ce sera une victoire PC.
06/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Margin of error of poll: 1.66%, 19 times out of 20. Tories in the last Leger Marketing poll: 2%
16/11/00 Jean F. Breton Email:
Many reasons to choose Bachand. Joe Clark was wonderful in two (we can say three) debates. Provincial liberal MP (Yvon Vallieres) choose to support Bachand to be sure that Bachand will win against the Bloc (see Le Soleil, 16 novembre 2000, p. A9). Peoples in Richmond-Arthabaska like Bachand, a stong Member.
19/11/00 M J Rollins
Although Bachand indeed deserves credit for sticking with the little PC caucus, the Bloc will steamroll through this riding. The Tories are finished in Quebec and will be little more than a 'rump' of a party from the maritimes (7-8 seats)
24/11/00 RM Email:
Local polling suggests Mr Bachand will be back in the House of Commons after November 27th. The Liberal accusation that the PCs are in coalition with the BQ may help in this riding.

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