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Robert Fragasso
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Gilles Perron
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Francois Desrochers
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Jonathan Paquette
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Stephane Thinel
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Eric Squire

Gilles Perron

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25/10/00 Brad Nicpon Email:
Generally safe Bloc territory. Won with a handy 17% last time. Base of Seperatist support as well.. "Yes" beat "No" by a margin of 17% in the Referendum.
26/10/00 Pierre Samson EMAIL:
I have been living in Ste-Therese for the past 5 1/2 years. This riding has been voting Bloc and PQ for the last 2 provincial & federal elections. I believe it also had a yes majority at the last referendum. The riding includes municipalities such as Boisbriand, St-Eustache and Ste-Therese who both have a significant blue collar population. It's population is white and french speaking in a vast majority... Sounds like a done deal for the Bloc Quebecois unless some form of miracle happens. Last elections : Bloc : 46 %, Liberals : 29 %, Conservative : 22 % The participation was 73 %. The only hopes we have to win this riding is that the federalist vote (Liberals & conservative) come out more than the Bloc's vote. At the last provincial the PQ got 48 % vs 35 for the Liberals. It was 46 and 38 in 1994.
30/10/00 A.S.
There's significant Federalist patches in Deux-Montagnes, but the working-class Francoburbia--sort of like Bramalea, Quebec-style--sets the predictably BQ-friendly tone here.

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