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Joseph Khoury
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Claude Bachand
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Claude Bachand
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Cerald L'Ecuyer
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Julien Patenaude
Marijuana Party:
Marc St. Jean

Claude Bachand

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25/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Another Bloc stronghold. The candidate (Claude Bachand) won with a margin of almost 20%. If the liberals are a threat to the BQ anywhere in Quebec it's probably not here.
30/10/00 Claude B
Saint-Jean is a traditional bell-weather area of Quebec on the provincial scene. Unless the Liberals change their leader to something more pallatable to French-speaking Quebeckers (not Stéphane Dion!), Mr Bachand will be returned for a third term.
30/10/00 A.S.
Good, meat'n'potatoes BQ. Just far enough away from the suburban-Montreal orbit to give competitors a faint glimmer of hope; yet with just few enough old Anglo-Loyalist settlements for that glimmer to mean anything in the end. The safest US Border Bloq seat except for Suzanne Tremblay's.
10/11/00 M Waterhouse
Le Comité des citoyens de l'Acadie are banning against the Bloc and in particular M. Bachand. Not happy with the push on amalgamation and some other issues, they are urging voters to ignore the BLOC. I believe the voters who went BLOC last time around will choose between liberals and conservatives with most votes going PC. Might be close, but probably not. Josée Coulombe is now representing The Alliance. I imagine she'll get just enough votes to throw a curve the results. Not a real good strategy for the Alliance as far as I'm concerned. If Bachand takes a pounding for his record in office and the voters are searching for someone else,possible votes for PC might find find there way into the Alliance column and give the Liberals a ray of hope. (Though very Slim) Go ahead, back up.

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