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Liberal Party:
Jean-François Rouleau
Bloc Québécois:
Serge Cardin
Canadian Alliance:
Mark Quinlan
Progressive Conservative Party:
Eric L'Heureaux
New Democratic Party:
Craig Wright
Joseph Bourassa-Lacombe
Natural Law Party:
Daniel Jolicoeur
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Serge Lachapelle

Serge Cardin

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Byelection 1998
General 1997

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19/10/00 BN Email:
With the days of Jean Charest now only a memory in this riding chances are it will return to control of the Bloc.
22/10/00 randy gorman Email:
this is definitely a battle between the incumbent bloc mp and the liberal candidate.with the collapse of the tory and ndp vote in the province of quebec may push those votes to the liberal candidate as the vote in the byelection was 44 to 43 percent in favour of the bloc.
26/10/00 Allan Email:
I worked on the September 1998 campaign for the then Reform Party in this riding. The unbiased impression I got was that Charest of course played a huge factor in the 1997 general election but the Tories have basically no base here. I remember the last weekend before the Monday vote the Tory campaign office was closed and the candidate was reported to be back in his home in Montreal! I agree that this is a total Bloc and Liberal fight but I believe the Bloc will take it again. The Liberal candidate in the by-election was very credible however, a mayor of a small town south of Sherbrooke. I don't know if he'll run again or not.
30/10/00 A.S.
The by-election horserace could be a portent of what might happen following the eclipse of "Harpo" Charest Toryism--and perhaps it doesn't bode so well for a lot of otherwise-deemed "safe" Bloq incumbents. But there's a potential race-defining wild-card in the side pocket--the Alliance, depending on the ground it stakes btw/Charest federalism and Mario Dupont provincialism. I'm not expecting CA to *win*, of course, but view this as an electoral test case. And don't expect Curls in the CA camp, either.
30/10/00 AB Email:
There are two young candidates running for the Reform Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives... could be VERY interesting!
31/10/00 David D. Anber
As much as it hurts me like a root canal, I have to say that this is going BQ esti. If there is one thing the Liberals the C.A. the NDP (ugh) and the Tories have in common its that they are not the bloc quebecois. Vote splitting is a terrible thing proving that "First Past Post" is a false name because in Sherbrooke, the post is going to move even closer to un-democracy.
02/11/00 Christopher J. Currie
While I agree that the Bloc have the edge here, I wouldn't write-off the Liberals outright. They managed to turn a non-existant local base into a near-miss in the last by-election -- and they *might* be able to pull off an upset this time.
08/11/00 James T. Chlup
BQ hold this one thanks to collapse of PC vote.
13/11/00 RCM Email:
Eric L'Heureux (correct spelling) is a very talented and community-oriented person. He is a dedicated Tory, and has ties with Mila Mulroney and many others. He may not be able to win this seat, but he's going to get more votes than expected. This young man has fought harder battles.

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