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Nick Discepola
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Éric Cimon
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dean Drysdale
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Stratos Psarianos
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Shaun Lynch

Nick Discepola

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30/10/00 Steven Lloyd
The Liberals beat the BQ by +12% of the vote in '97 and that was when seperatism was still strong. I suspect this seat will be a Liberal retention
30/10/00 A.S.
Discepola was propelled into Parliament by his massive mandate in Kirkland, where he was mayor; but then through redistribution he lost Kirkland and the rest of the West Island, leaving only L'Ile-Perrot and the Ontario-stopping "bathplug" btw/the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers--and what had been a 9% Lib advantage flipped to a notional 7.5% BQ advantage. But Discepola was reelected with an 11.5% advantage, anyway. The main pockets to remain faithful to the Bloq were in Soulanges, and they might still target this if they felt frisky; but really, to elect a separatist where the main routes to both Ottawa and Toronto emanate would be asking for civil warfare...
31/10/00 JRL Email:
Safe Montreal-area seat for the Grits. The won by very large margins the last 2 elections. Significant anglophone population, too.
01/11/00 TCS Email:
This riding is next to the Ontario-Quebec border, and has a significant anglophone population. The Liberals won with 45 per cent of the vote last time, and should win again as long as not all of the PC vote goes to the Bloc.
19/11/00 Ghislain Boudreau
Almost assured to go Liberal again this year. In 1997, Nick Discepola won with a 12 % over the Bloc candidate. Many federalists in the riding remember that PQ victory in 1976 by a mere 500-vote margin, caused by vote-splitting... You can be assured they'll go to vote for the Liberals and avoid any kind of vote-splitting.

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