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Peter Frey
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Gerry Ritz
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Harry Zamonsky
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Elgin Wayne Wyatt

Gerry Ritz

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11/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
CA is the front runner here. It is possible that the NDP could win but they would have run a great campaign and get a great split.
15/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
Gary has this seat sewn up completely. He is one of the most popular MP's of any stripe in the Province.
19/10/00 Brad N. Email:
I don't think that the NDP pose any real threat here. Even if the Alliance candidate is not seeking re-election the party has not been losing support in the Praries, while the NDP has.
24/10/00 Tobias
Listen, Gerry Breitkreuz is more than just a guy who goes to Ottawa to represent people. He is the heart and soul of rural Saskatchewan and will win the biggest of any CA candidate in the province.
26/10/00 Brian Zinchuk Email:
Gerry Ritz is NOT Gary Brietkreutz. But both CA incumbants will kick butt easily.
28/10/00 A.S.
The decimated NDP's most surreal tale of '93; while his "safer" colleagues were dropping like flies, a favourable vote split and PC implosion allowed Len "Laughing Gas" Taylor to actually be *reelected* in what had been a dependable PC/NDP swing riding! But Taylor's luck ran out when his constituency was redist'd out of contention and he became 1997's only defeated NDP incumbent. The NDP may still do well in the Battlefords, but on the whole, Gerry Ritz'll turn his opponents into Ritz bits...
30/10/00 Malcolm Email:
Tobias, Breitkreuz (Garry, I think, not Gerry) is the MP for Yorkton-Melville -- Not Battlefords-Kindersley. In any event, other than New Democrat Len Taylor (?) in 1993, the Battlefords have not re-elected an MP to a second term since the days of Dief. I'm not prepared to predict an NDP win on that basis, but a little humility from Reform Alliance supporters is in order.

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