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Tim Longworth
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Brian Fitzpatrick
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David Orchard
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Dennis Nowoselsky
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Benjamin Webster

Derrek Konrad

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10/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
This will be an interesting riding to watch. CA MP Derrick Konrad lost his party's nomination. As such the CA will be fielding a new candidate I can't remember his name but I think he ran for Reform in 93 in the old riding of Mackenzie. The CA strenght will come from the area outside of the City of Prince Albert while the NDP strength will be with in the city. The lack of Liberal incumbent and strong Liberal campaign should help the NDP this time around. The race will be close one between the NDP and CA
16/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
I think that the NDP have a slight edge here as they have the two MLA's from Prince Albert. That will virtually lock down the city of PA. The surrounding area (especially near Nipawin) is STRONG CA country. However, due to the Liberals being even more dispised now in this riding then ever, I think more Grits will switch to the NDP. Keep in mind that even when Konrad won in the last election he was only 150-200 votes ahead of Funk, the NDP candiate at the time
18/10/00 J Smith Email:
If David Orchard wins the Tory nomination in this riding, look for him to win. Orchard stands the only chance the PC's have of winning a seat in Saskatchewan. If Orchard is on the ballot, look for a Tory upset.
20/10/00 Sasky Email:
David Orchard will win this riding easy. Free Trade is still a soft issue in Saskatchewan, and along with farm aid, or the lack there of, many people might see Orchard as just the kind of man who will represent them the best. Tory steal.
24/10/00 J Email:
David Orchard will win this riding if he wins the Tory nod! He could be a beacon of hope for the beleagered Tories here!
25/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
Tories do not have a hope in hell in PA. J Smith's comments that if PC win any seat in Sask it will be this won may be true but it is also true to say the NDP best shot of seat in Alberta is Edmonton-Strathcona but we all know that's not going to happen. The riding only ever went Tory when Diefenbaker held the seat 1957-1979. So unless the Tories can raise from the dead another old leader they will not be in serious contention for the seat. David Orchard is widely regarded as a nut in Saskatchewan. He stands about as much chance as a prominent Green candidate (which is what he really is). This is a fight between CA and NDP plain and simple Orchard just adds a little colour to the race.
25/10/00 Anand Sharma Email:
Okay, this is a big stretch. I've noticed some pretty biased opinions, I mean the PC's in SASK!....i don't think so. Not even the most popular PC'er could win in Sask, and David Orchard is likely to finish third. I hate to burst your bubble but this is an Alliance hold with the possibility of an outside NDP shocker(longshot at best).
25/10/00 Mike D Email:
Reality Check: PCs won 8% in PA last time. This is either a CA hold or a possible competition with the NDP (if the NDP numbers start going up). Orchard will do no more than make things a bit more interesting.
26/10/00 Steven Lloyd EMAIL:
I will post my final call for this riding as the election draws closer. However - THIS RIDING WILL NOT GO PC. They got about 8% of the vote in the last election and that was thier best showing in a long time. I don't care what people think about David O. - he's not THAT popular. He will not carry this seat for the tories in any way shape or form.
26/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Who posted a PC victory here?? I hate to tell you this but it's not going to happen... Reform won with just over 6% last time. It's not a lot but the party certainly hasn't done anything to make CA voters jump ship to the NDP (who are down in polls in the West). CA edge for sure.. for now..
26/10/00 Mr. Mischief Email:
Okay, as long as everyone else is drinking, I might as well have some fun. Throw one in for the Liberals. After all, in confused ridings, Liberals invariably sneak up the centre and this riding is obviously confused.
26/10/00 full Email:
I am not from this riding, nor this province. So I cannot comment at length on it. But I DO think it is important to point out that this riding has not elected a conservative since 1979. And that conservative, the right honorable John Diefenbaker who served 40 years in parliament and served as our Prime Minister did not have an easy time of it in that last election. David Orchard, while he may choose to use Dief's name in the twists of his crusades, is no John Diefenbaker. Not even close. The old PC organization here is likely gone CA or Liberal. The NDP have held this riding for all but the last two elections since. They even held it when the PC's won 211 seats in 1984. I suspect that had Diefenbaker retired sooner, they would have taken it then. This seems to me to be a 2 way race. Alliance and NDP.
30/10/00 A.S.
Even if he gets something more like a good "Mel Hurtig" result a la 1993, any race w/David Orchard in it's to be watched. Anyway: first elected on a dizzying 50%+ mandate in '88, Ray Funk got thunked in the '93 NDP blowout. Tried again in '97, outpolled the hapless Grit incumbent--but Funk got thunked again, this time by Reform. NDP'll keep trying, but the Saskatchewan Party raises Alliance hopes all across Sask...
30/10/00 Malcolm Email:
The few Saskatchewan voters who've ever heard of David Orchard are generally convinced he's a complete goof -- and that holds true left, right or centre. This is an NDP - Reform Alliance fight. The Tories are utterly irrelevant -- Orchard, Vineyard or Wheatfield.
31/10/00 Blake Robert
With David Orchard as the PC candidate, expect a split of the left-wing vote (yes... the LEFT wing) allowing the Alliance to make gains over their win in 1997.
01/11/00 Baby Boomer Email:
Derek Konrad (former ReForm MP) was ousted at the Alliance nomination meeting. David Orchard will draw off enough Alliance support to the PC's that the NDP will go up the middle and take this one!
01/11/00 JF Email:
The Alliance is going to have a real problem here with P.C. candidate Orchard pulling votes away from them. Derek Konrad (former Reform MP, here) was dumbed in the nomination meeting and a stronger candidate was chosen. This seat is going to go NDP.
03/11/00 Adam Daifallah
Those predicting a David Orchard victory in Prince Albert should get their heads out of the sand! This isolationist, 1950s-style "Pat Buchanan of the north" wannabe will steal more votes from the NDP than the Alliance in this riding, thus splitting the leftwing vote. With the Tories not even getting their deposit back here in '97, don't expect them to this time, especially given their national polling numbers at 7%. With the way things are going for the Tories, however, all may not be lost for Mr. Orchard. He'll probably be the next leader of "his" party after Joe Clark's defeat in Calgary Centre.
07/11/00 DW Email:
The healthcare issue will favor the NDP. The release today in the news about some of hidden agenda of the CA will also help the NDP.
18/11/00 lrs Email:
NDP should be competitive- CA new candidate- but PC will attract some left wing vote so Alliance should hold
21/11/00 R.D. Email:
The CA candidate has shot his mouth off at the worst possible time (see Globe and mail clipping below). As an NDP partisan, I'd like to call this riding for Nowoselski, but with David Orchard in the race splitting the left-wing vote, I really have no idea how to call it now. For all I know Mr. Mischief is right and the Liberals will sneak up the middle to win =-)
21/11/00 Malcolm
Reform Alliance candidate made a "joke" at an all candidates meeting on Aboriginal issues last night. Something about how they couldn't scalp him because he was already bald. At best he's got incredibly poor judgement. At worst . . .
21/11/00 JaneyCanuck Email:
David Orchard was looked upon as a novelty before and managed to place second to Joe Clark, much to the surprise of the pundits. His views may well be closer to those of the NDP and he has loyal workers and a good organization. Plus, the recent musings of the Alliance candidate at humor may well help the Tories more than the NDP is that candidate has to pull out of the race.
21/11/00 John Emory Email:
Alliance candidate Brian Fitzpatrick's insensitive "joke" regarding aboriginals at a candidate's meeting recently will hurt him. This riding will now go NDP.
21/11/00 Bobby S. Email:
Based on the comments made by the Alliance candidate this past weekend, I can't see the alliance holding this seat. This was the break that David Orchard's people were looking for. This riding has a high level of First Nations people, and any of them who might have been considering the Alliance, will now switch to PC. Also Orchard has been making gains here, and this whole affair maybe the excuse people are looking for to vote for him. (Note, any other PC candidate would have no hope in this riding, or any other in Saskatchewan, but Orchard makes any seat winnible in Sask.)

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