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Melvin Isnana
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Don Leier
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Hon. Lorne Nystrom

Hon. Lorne Nystrom

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10/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
With the possible exception of Winnipeg North Centre this is the safest NDP seat in the country. Large parts of the riding have been represented by the NDP since 1968 and nearly all of the rest of the riding has been NDP since 1979. Lorne Nystrom is one of the highest profile NDP MPs and is sitting on 15% lead over his closest opponent in 1997 he should have no problem getting re-elected. If the NDP can't win here they won't win anywhere.
21/10/00 Richard Email:
I just wanted to go on record and say that Winnipeg North Centre is far from the safest NDP seat in the county and a star candidate from another party could easily take it. The only real safe NDP seat is Winnipeg Transcona and even that one only stayed in the NDP grasp by 30 odd vote in 93. As for Lorne Nystrom. He will most definitely win THIS time around.
26/10/00 Brian Zinchuk Email:
I grew up in Nystrom's former riding of 26 years, Yorkton Melville. He got booted quite severely by Gary Breikreutz two elections ago, so soundly in fact that that he has totally given up hope on ever returning to represtent the Yorkton constituency. I find it interesting that the seat he has now is considered so safe, when he lost what had been considered one of the safest seats in the province in 1993. If he's so hot, why doesn't he run in Yorkton-Melville again and see what happens.
30/10/00 A.S.
Nystrom's indispensible, and the NDP knows it--that's why they chose this '97 seat for his Commons comeback. Worked like a charm. It'll work again.

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