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Alice Farness
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Carol Skelton
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Dale Buxton
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Dennis Gruending

Dennis Gruending

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Byelection 1999
General 1997

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11/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
Gruending won relitively convincingly here last year. I don't think anything much has changed since then. The Liberals ran the mayor of Saskatoon in by-election and he almost lost his deposit the Liberals will probally have an even weaker showing this time and that should help NDP Gruending will lose many of the rural polls and sweep the urban polls and should carry the riding by 3,000 to 4,000 votes
13/10/00 RSC Email:
Gruending won the byelection handily. No reason to expect any change here.
30/10/00 A.S.
In an odd way, I'm (unnecessarily?) ambivalent about this one. True, the recent history's been NDP, but that's as much because of Chris Axworthy as anything and I'm not sure how strong the general-election coattails are for Gruending. Also, the by-election Reform candidate was a weak one and CA might want their just deserts following the '97 defeat--in a battle of incumbents, the only defeated Reform incumbent--of MP Elwin Hermanson. Who, by the way, brushed himself off and became leader of the Saskatchewan Party, which surprised everyone by nearly toppling the Romanow gov't...
03/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Too close. The complete collapse of the Tory vote (1%??) leaves the NDP a distant third behind the Alliance province-wide. Can they hang on here?
17/11/00 A. Email:
In 1997, this was the only riding in the country where a sitting Reform MP (Elwin Hermanson, no less) was defeated. Most of the provincial constituencies within its borders are in the City of Saskatoon, an NDP stronghold, and the riding remained NDP in a by-election last year. Gruending will win this one.
23/11/00 al chant
Gruending is in trouble in this riding. The only thing that can save him will be a complete Liberal collapse. Which may happen with Alice Fairness, the bootlegger involved. The rural will be swept by the CA who are running a good clean campaign AND have a hardworking credible candidate. The soft NDP support may well be too soft for the vaunted NDP machine.
24/11/00 Email:
Alice Farness told farmers several weeks ago that as long as they fail to elect Liberal MPs, they'll continue to get no help from the federal government. That veiled threat and blackmail did her in. She'll probabvly get less than 10% of the vote. The outflow of Liberal support will benefit the New Democrats in this riding.

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