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Souris-Moose Mountain

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Myles Fuchs
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Roy Bailey
Progressive Conservative Party:
Larry Gabruch
New Democratic Party:
Tom Cameron

Roy Bailey

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11/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
This is a safe Alliance seat. It will take something spectacular to happen during the campaign for this seat to go any other way
20/10/00 A.S. Email:
A sign of likely CA safety is in the 1988 federal election, when Len Gustafson was one of the few Sask PC's to solidly resist the NDP wave. Sure, it went Grit in '93, but...
24/10/00 A.Z.
Roy has been a great MP for the riding and it kicked out its long time NDP MLA in the last provincal election.
21/11/00 L.N.
Neither Federal or Provincial Governments have offered or carried through any legislation to stabilise the life-blood of Saskatchewan since the days of Diefenbaker. It would be foolhardy to inflict another Chretien regime on us now! I don't hold out much hope for much of a change; Alliance is a wolf in sheep's clothing and Liberals are the same old promises year after year. I am hopefully predicting a minority PC government in our Constiuency.

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