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Garth Oremiston
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Wayne Gilmer

Hon. Ralph Goodale

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10/10/00 Brett Quiring Email:
Ralph Goodale is in the drivers seat in this riding but the riding is not in the bag. If the NDP gets a hard working, well known candidate they could take the seat but it is a long shot. It is also possible the riding will go CA if Stockwell can really catches fire during the campaign. I won't call this riding until the campaign gets underway but on election day I will be suprised if Wascana doesn't return Goodale
16/10/00 Blake Robert Email:
The prairies are pissed off at Ottawa for the way they handled (and continue to handle) the farm crisis. The anti-Liberal flame is burning hot in the West and will fire Goodale out of office.
22/10/00 randy gorman Email:
ralph goodale doesn't have a lock on this seat, but he will hang onto it because the people of saskatchewan need to have at least 1 gov't member at the cabinet table.
24/10/00 Adam Daifallah
The Canadian Alliance recently nominated popular local lawyer James Rybchuck to carry their banner. Rybchuk has an excellent chance to unseat the lacklustre Ralph Goodale from this blue-collar riding. Look for Rybchuck to win and for the Liberal seat total in this province to amount to zero.
30/10/00 J Email:
This riding could be a CA gain. In 1999 Sask prov. election, the Sask Party almost won the provincial riding in the eastern end of this federal riding. It will be a riding to watch. People in Sask are miffed about perceived federal Liberal neglect, and Sask folks are not impressed with the provincial Libs getting into bed with the provincial NDP. If the CA is to seriously challenge the Liberals for 'most number of seats' nationally, it has to win this one. Goodale still is the favorite however.
30/10/00 A.S.
What may damper CA is that relatively speaking, this is the most "urban" of Regina's ridings, and with a middle-yupscale touch at that; ergo, a non-too-conservative, not-too-NDP natural fit for Goodale who, despite the farm crisis, has been a relatively solid, low-key cabinet performer. Call him the Lloyd Axworthy of Saskatchewan, the last heroic one left standing as the others fall; so Goodale was in '97, and so he might be again in '00...
30/10/00 Malcolm Email:
Adam is really impressed that the reform Alliance have nominated "popular local lawyer James Rybchuck." I am very active in political circles in Regina. I have lived here basically my whole life. Until a few weeks ago, I had NEVER heard of the immensely popular James Rybchuk. The only reason I recognize his name is that his father, Metro, pulled off a fluke and won an inner-city seat for the Tories in the 1982 provincial election in 1982 -- sort of a middle aged version of the gas jockey that knocked off Roy Romanow the same election. And like Joanne Zazalenchuk, Metro Rybchuk was trounced in the 1986 election. I wonder if he even kept his deposit. That is not to say that Rybchuk (I think its "uk" vice "uck" BTW) won't pull off an upset -- his chances in 2000 are better on paper than daddy's were in 1982. But if he does win, it will not be because of star-power or tremendous public profile.
31/10/00 Tom Parkin Email:
The Alliance-backing Queen's University student who suggested this 'blue-collar" riding will go Alliance is out to lunch. First, it is a very middle-class to affluent (in Regina terms) riding. It is also the only federal riding in Saskatchewan that voted for the Charlotte Accord, so you can get a sense of the underlying philosphies. The Liberals will keep this seat unless the NDP can get some momentum.
31/10/00 Steven Lloyd
OK look, the Reform/Alliance placed third here in '97 and they were at 1/2 the liberal vote. They would have to convince a lot of New Democrats to vote for them (Yeah right) to take this seat. I'm not saying that the NDP will win this seat but they have at least as good (and in my mind better) change as the CA. The most likely outcome is a split that allows Ralph to go back to Ottawa.
03/11/00 j Email:
Support for the CA in Saskatchewan is very strong (similar levels as in BC), and this could give a huge boost to the local CA candidate in Wascana. A province-wide near total sweep could tip this riding into the CA column on election night. PRovincially, there is strong Sask. Party support in the eastern part of the riding. THe riding is also relatively affluent (many doctors and lawyers and small businessmen) and the CA's economic ideas (especially the tax cuts) could sway higher income voters. Definately a CA/Lib toss-up.
08/11/00 James T. Chlup
There will be no Liberals west of Manitoba. Alliance should take this seat by around 4,000 votes.
17/11/00 Full Name Email:
Ralph Goodale will win a close one. The rural polls in Wascana will vote overwhelmingly for the Alliance Party but the NDP will not siphon away enough votes from Liberals in the urban polls to help the Alliance win. With just over a week to go there's no sign the Alliance will make a breakthrough into parts of the West where the Reform Party failed to elect MPs such as this riding.
22/11/00 Malcolm Email:
I hear rumours of polls showing Goodale in third. If that gets around, his vote could start shifting to the NDP. Of course, in 1988 Goodale was running third, but the local media ran a fatuous poll (small sample, dubious source -- PC links) that showed the NDP well back. So many NDP supporters "strategically" voted for Ralphie Boy. The result was enough votes stolen from the NDP for the PCs to win. Ralph was still third. And people wonder why I think strategic voting is for the birds.
24/11/00 Ben Carter
This riding will be close, but James Rybchuk will take it. Rybchuk is a young, popular candidate, and Ralph Goodale has done nothing to hold on to his seat. Also the ND candidate is somewhat organized, which should cause a split of the vote on the left.
26/11/00 Jeremy Harrison Email:
I think this riding is going CA. Goodale has done next to nothing for the farmers of Saskatchewan and the people are angry about it. Wascana has a sizable rural population which should also benefit the CA since many of them are angry about C-68 as well. Libs are an endangered species in Saskatchewan for good reason and Goodale will fall victim as well. Just as an indication of the importance the Alliance attatches to winning the riding was the recent volunteer effort by nearly 50 young people from across Western Canada who came together in Wascana to help out Rybchuk. The party even sent Stockwell Day's personal campaign bus in to help transport them around - the Alliance has the momentum in Wascana.

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