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  North Island
Glenn Robertson

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North Island
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:21.01%
Area (km2):18011
Pop Density:3.17

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Comox Valley

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19/02/01 CM Email:
A rural riding. Considering the Grizzly bear controversy, the NDP will have a hard time here.
21/03/01 BV Email:
A very rural riding hit hard by bad resource policies. Full of shrinking communiites
22/03/01 kyle
This is another of those historical NDP ridings that will still be NDP on election night,especially with large native vote in the riding.
07/04/01 DMB
Three reasons why the NDP will have trouble winning here. 1. No grizzy bear hunt. 2. No off - shore drilling. 3. The Great Bear rainforest.
22/04/01 M. Poirier Email:
Although hard hit by resource based legislation, this riding, due to an increased concentration of the First Nations population, as well, as high numbers or unionized workers should go to the NDP. Robertson has worked hard for this riding and for this province, and he has proven himself as a worthy cabinet member as well.
23/04/01 Lynn Email:
I feel that although our economy up here has suffered under the NDP government, this could very well be one riding to stay NDP. Glenn Robertson is a good candidate and has been a good MLA. The IWA is still backing the NDP even though their members have lost hundreds of jobs in this riding because of the government. I dont understand how people in this day and age could accept being told how to vote by their union but up here, it still seems to be happening.
24/04/01 S. Simons Email:
The North Island has been hit hard by economic uncertainty. Although we have seen many of our resource companies change hands there has not been any significant capital expansions or investments for years. Campbell River has seen a decrease of 1000 students over four years as families leave town. With the mass exodus goes the support and spin off service jobs. There is a lot of empty retail space, some of which used to be occupied by long time tenants that can no longer survive.
26/04/01 C Ross Email:
The majority of us that are choosing to vote Liberal want to see our friends and our families working again. We once again want communities to become vibrant with growth. The years of NDP goverment have taken it's toll.
03/05/01 Liz Email:
Forestry with its spin off jobs is the #1 employer in this riding. Logger etc. had a very hard time with a lot of lay offs since the NDP came out with the CORE plan. That was just the beginning with a Forest Minister quoting: "Big Forest Companies have to get used to the fact that they will not make any money!" We all lived it: Like every sound business, the forest companies just shut down before they lost too much money. As a result, many workers were laid off. Even so the IWA still supports the NDP, many affected voters think it is time for a change.
04/05/01 kh Email:
As a cbinet minister, Robertson has done nothing except an embarrasin flip-flop on the issue of offshore oil and gas. Forestry is hurting, and, as an ex-logger, Robertson has done nothing to help the only viable industry we have left in this riding. The traditional supporters of the NDP, the labour unions, are spurning the party at the local level. Apart from the union executive, the rank and file members of the IWA and the various pulp mill unions are expressing their total disillusionment with the way they have been treated by the party that purported to support them and their industry.

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