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Peace River North

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NEUFELD, Richard
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STANGE, Roy Daniel
  Peace River North
Richard Neufeld

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Peace River North
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:-34.23%
Area (km2):161677
Pop Density:0.19

Surrounding Ridings:
Bulkley Valley-Stikine
Reave River South
Prince George North

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17/02/01 Interested Voter Email:
Any concern about Reform exacting vengeance on the incumbent for crossing the floor has evaporated with the recent extinguishing of the Party, or is it a merger with Unity, or just a tiny cabbal of angry folk hanging around because they hate anything that has a liberal moniker to it. Apparently Dick got the Blue put into the BC Liberal logo, so the old crowd needn't worry, there are no more grits in that party than there are in downtown Fort Nelson.
12/03/01 DMB Email:
Richard will most certainly hold this riding for the Liberals - it has also been ten years since this area has had cabinet representation and as one of the economic engines fueling the BC economy look for Richard to become the energy or natural resources minister and the pot holes in the roads should finally get fixed.
12/03/01 LO Email:
I am emailing from the other side of the country. This is the only riding on which I can make comment (and even then I can't pretend to know what's happening out in BC) But friends and relatives of mine from Fort Nelson area say that Unity BC have a decent chance of winning this seat even if they get thrashed in the rest of the province. According to the people with whom I've spoken, they think that there won't be too many voters going over to the Liberals with Neufeld. Even if a thousand go, there's still enough for a star candidate of Unity BC to win... Add to that the 200 solid Socred votes and the fact that there's a rumour that the ind. candidate that ran here last time might support Unity BC and it's at least a close race. This will be the only riding on which I comment. Kudos to the site owner on the federal election prediction site.
27/04/01 Mark R.
"LO", I do not know where you have been, but you better get back to BC real quick to watch Unity evaporate into thin air. They are currently at 2% in the polls, because the general public is acutely aware of what happened last time. Besides, the NDP garnered only 18% of the vote last time, and that margin will surely be even lower come May 16th. This will be a BC Liberal win. The incumbent has been a more than a worthwhile MLA and did the right thing joining the BC Liberals.
01/05/01 CJ
Liberal supporters can change their mind on party support from riding to riding. They're assuring us that former Reformer Neufeld will be re-elected based on his incumbentcy, while at the same suggesting most of Independant Rick Kasper's vote will stay with the NDP. There is no vote-splitting here(NDP). This race is a good old toss-up between Unity and the Liberals. Neufeld's name doesn't carry that much weight.
05/05/01 DMB
Is CJ predicting a Unity win - wouldn't that be great for the economic engine of the north and another fours without cabinet representation. Since Richard crossed the floor and joined the Liberals I have been very impressed with his thoughtfulness on the issues discussed in the House. I think he will be a great cabinet minister and will be easily re-elected

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