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Prince George-Omineca

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  Prince George-Omineca
Paul Nettleton

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Prince George-Omineca
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:-17.79%
Area (km2):42581
Pop Density:0.91

Surrounding Ridings:
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Cariboo North
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26/02/01 DMB
A close race the last time with the Liberals coming up the minute and this time the marigin of victory will be much larger as the NDP abandons the north.
26/02/01 Mike Parkes
This riding will be won by the BCLiberals. It went Liberal last time and will do so again.
22/03/01 MMCD Email:
If Unity/Reform runs a candidate here they should do really well,we need an alternative to the Liberals and the NDP.The North,represents a real opportunity for the Unity/Reform movement.
26/03/01 DMB
Campbell and the Liberals may not be the ideal party for the north but they are the only party that will kick the NDP out of power and the people of this region aren't going to make the same mistake as 1996 and vote split. Sorry MMCD you are four years early in your prediction.
21/04/01 Bernard Schulmann
I suspect that Paul Nettleton will win by a big margin, which is good as he will make for a decent politician. IT would be nice if he got into to cabinet, but with a huge Liberal caucus (79 in total), he has no chance. The real problem in this riding is that it means the loss of Eddie John - the sort of down right decent guy that gives politics a good name. I still do not understand why he went to the NDP. My suspicion is that this riding will have the NDP vote not crater in such a devastating manner as everywhere else. The Carrier will come out and vote for Grand Chief John.
25/04/01 Poll Junkie Email:
I agree with Bernard - Liberals will win here, but John's personal charisma and the native vote (large First Nations population in the riding) will make it closer than elsewhere. As to why he went NDP - surely you don't think he'd go to the Campbell Liberals, with their loony referendum policy on native rights, lawsuit against the Nisga'a treaty, etc? The latest polling shows that native issues are the ONLY topic where the NDP are preferred to the Libs, and with very good reason.
13/05/01 DMB
Wouldn't be interesting if Ed John were to win here and Gail Sparrow to win in Vancouver Mt Pleasant - a modern day version of family feud could be developed. Seriously it is too bad that Ed can't win here for he is one of a handful of new recruits that could be the future of the NDP.

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