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Richmond Centre

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GRANT, Jaana
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TOFIN, Frank Peter
  Richmond Centre
Doug Symons

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Richmond Centre
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:-1.82%
Area (km2):32
Pop Density:1446.56

Surrounding Ridings:
Richmond East
Richmond Stevenson
West Kootenay-Boundary

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20/02/01 CM Email:
Been Liberal since '91. Will stay Liberal ten years later.
22/02/01 DMB
Liberal in a landslide - Richmond hasn't had any cabinet representation for 10 years and that will end with the election of Greg. It will also go a long way in dispelling the myth that all Gordon Campbell Liberals are ardent right wingers - Greg is a former NDP mayor who quit the party and is now in the Liberal camp - will get a high profile cabinet position - how about a super ministry of highways, municipal affairs - perhaps the most capable of the Greater Vancouver liberals in being able to sort out the transportation grid lock problems among the local politicans.
18/04/01 David Andrew
The riding of Richmond Centre was won by Liberal Doug Symons in both 1991 and 1996. The Liberal candidate this election is Richmond's long serving, popular mayor, Greg Halsey-Brandt. He is a former New Democrat but has served as an independent as mayor of Richmond. He will win easily in the riding of Richmond Centre.
03/05/01 A.T Email:
Greg Halsey Brandt will win easily, with possibly as much as 80% of the vote, but I don't think he will be in the cabinet as both of the other Richmond Liberals likely will. Geoff Plant (Richmond-Steveston) will get Attorney General and Intergovernmental Affairs as he is a capable lawyer, while Linda Reid (Richmond East) will get some nonentity ceremonial position like Multiculturalism and Citizenship. She doesn't strike me as particularly bright of capable (I don't know her so I could be wrong) but she is needed in the cabinet as their is a lack of supremely capable women in the Liberal caucus. Not to be a know-it-all, but Transportation and Highways and Municipal Affairs will not be joined together, altough theoretically they are a good fit. Transportation always goes to a rural member, while Municipal Affairs usually goes to an urban M.L.A. My guess is that Ted Nebbeling of West Vancouver will get Municipal Affairs.
05/04/01 Henry Email:
This is a no brainer. "Now-Richmond mayor" Greg Halsey-Brant will definitely become the MLA for Richmond Centre. This is because he is extremely popular among the Richmond citizens. He is highly experienced, well-liked (although I never met him before), and capable and very determined. He will provide the BC Liberals a very strong cabinet minister. Also, Richmond in general is a very anti-NDP area. So expect the NDP candidates in Richmond to be wiped out easily!

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