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Saanich North and the Islands

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Liberal Party
COELL, Murray Robert
JENSEN, Balther Johannes
Green Party
LEWIS, Andrew
Marijuana Party
RACKI, Christina
New Democratic Party
SAM, Paul
  Saanich North and the Islands
Murray Coell

Previous Result (redistribution):
Previous Result (old ridings):
Saanich North and the Islands
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:7.88%
Area (km2):474
Pop Density:107.30

Surrounding Ridings:
Saanich South

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19/02/01 CM Email:
Coell will hold easily, despite being against the Green Party leader.
Editor's Note: Andrew Lewis, candidate for Green Party, is not the Leader of the Green Party of BC. Green's Leader, Adriane Carr, is seeking a seat in Powell River-Sunshine Coast.
24/03/01 Poll Junkie Email:
Coell will win easily, but he is NOT running against the Green Party leader. Adrienne Carr is running against Gordon Wilson in Powell River-Sunshine Coast. Also, his first name is spelt "Murray." He's a former Saanich mayor who is popular locally and would win the riding even if the provincial party standings were much tighter then they currently are.
07/04/01 Highland Flood
Green candidate Wally du Temple got 3% of the votes here in 1996, the 7th best riding for the Greens, and well above the 1-2% that they got in most other ridings. Andrew Lewis will certainly build on that, especially given the pointlessness of voting NDP in a riding that the Liberals won fairly easily last time. The only question is one of degree: whether former NDP supporters will flock to him en masse. Lewis, who was one of the earliest Green candidates to be nominated, could finish second to Coell.
10/04/01 Kermit Email:
Murray Coell will easily win here. Polling indicates Liberals at 67%, Greens at 12%, NDP 6.6%. The NDP vote collapsed in the Federal election to its core of about 2000 votes, this jives with their 6-7% poll. There seems to be high undecided responses in canvassing. This could be politeness or real confusion. If the Green campaign takes off, they could take 20-30% of the vote and place a very decent second. The wild card is the BC Marijuana Party, which is supposed to run a candidate. This will split the left vote three ways.
04/05/01 Dave
Will remain in the Liberal win column, but it is interesting to note that this was one riding where the Green Party actually won a polling division in last fall's federal election!

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