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Labour Party:
Stephen T. Beer
Conservative Party:
Robert V. Jackson
Liberal Democratic Party:
Neil Fawcett
Green Party:
David Brooks-Saxl
UK Independence Party:
Count Nicholas D. Tolstoy

Robert Jackson

97 Result:
Celia Wilson
Robert Jackson
Jenny Riley
Total Vote Count / Turnout

92 Result: (Redistributed)
Total Vote Count / Turnout

Demographic Profile:
< 1620.3%
65 <16.5%

Ethnic Origin:
Other non-white0.5%

Full Time66.1%
Part Time15.4%
Self Employed12.5%
Government Schemes0.8%

Household SEG:
I - Professional13.3%
II - Managerial/Technical34.9%
III - Skilled (non-manual)10.0%
IIIM - Skilled (manual)22.7%
IV - Partly Skilled11.9%
V - Unskilled4.1%

Own Residence71.9%
Rent Residence23.6%
Own Car(s)82.2%
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23/04/01 NG Email:
Wantage was one of those seats where, the Lib Dems in an unconvincing second place, Labour actually came from quite some distance behind to steal second place. Robert Jackson is, in terms of votes, not in a particularly strong position, but will probably just hang onto this seat because of a divided centre-left vote. It will be interesting to see whether Labour consolidates its second-placing here or whether the Lib Dems can convince some voters to switch and can strengthen their position to mount any kind of challenge.
26/04/01 Tim Hughes Wantage & Grove Herald
Party 'ecstatic' at poll result
The Wantage Labour Party branch has collapsed because of a lack of members. The branch has been forced to wind up after finding itself unable to hold meetings or carry out party functions due to a lack of officers. members of the group are now being encouraged to join the neighbouring Grove and District Branch, with a view to rebuilding the Wantage branch.
Wantage Liberal Democrats claim their party's 'sensational' success in a town council by-election is proof of their increasing importance to politics in south oxfordshire. The group - which controls Wantage Town Council - said it was 'ecstatic' with the result, despite a disappointing 20 per cent turnout. the result boded well for this summer's General Election, the group said.
28/04/01 NMF Email:
The Liberal Democrats are mounting a strong challenge across the constituency in the run up to the election following their victories in neighbouring Oxford West & Abingdon and Newbury in 1997 and an increase in support in the 1999 local elections. Labour fell back to a poor third place in those elections, winning just 23% of the votes and losing four seats. A string of local by-election results suggest a rising Lib Dem vote, the Tories standing still, and Labour voters switching tactically to the Lib Dems to oust the Tories.
01/05/01 SDR Email:
The Lib Dems stand a real chance of winning in Wantage at this election. The local Labour party is in disarray and the Conservatives seem panicked by the amount of work the Lib Dems are putting in locally. One recent Conservative leaflet managed to mention the Lib Dems around 15 times! It is clear to me that if enough Labour voters switch to the Lib Dems, Robert Jackson will be in real trouble this time.
01/05/01 Sammy B Email:
The Liberal Democrats seem to be really going for this seat while Labour activity has really dropped off compared to last time. Neil Fawcett, the Lib Dem PPC, was Agent for Dr Evan Harris in next door Oxford West last time and knows how to campaign. He has been all over the media and has established himself as a strong local challenger to out of touch incumbent Robert Jackson.
12/05/01 N S Email:Starling@nejs.fsworld.co.uk
With Neil Fawcett as candidate, the Lib Dems must have a serious chance at winning. He was agent for OXWAB in 1997 and also acts as a "guru" for many other Lib Dem campaigns. A close call, but a Lib Dem gain all the same!

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