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Belfast North

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Ulster Unionists:
A. Cecil Walker MP
Social Democratic & Labour:
Alban Maginness MLA
Sinn Fein:
Gerard Kelly MLA
Democratic Unionist:
Nigel Dodds
Alliance Party:
Thomas Campbell
Conservaitive Party:

Cecil Walker

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09/04/01 Nicholas Whyte explorers@whyte.com
For a full profile of this seat see my site at http://explorers.whyte.com/nb.htm
North Belfast is very difficult to call. Dodds (DUP), Maginness (SDLP) and Kelly (SF) are all strong candidates. The rather anonymous incumbent (Cecil Walker of the UUP) will be boosted by the Alliance Party's decision not to stand, and likewise stands to gain most if the PUP make the same decision. The DUP won this seat in 1979 with only 27% of the votes; this year's victor may well get even less.
27/05/01 Liam Email:
A no show by smaller Unionists may signal a Unionist victory, but I am still of the opinion that the demographic changes and the inclusion of new voters 18 - 22 will make this a Sinn Fein gain. We must reember that Sinn Fein are the largest party in the City and this new growth will signal a Sinn Fein addition to West Belfast. Added to this is the fact that despite Kelly being an ex-terrorist he is very charming and as I am assured by my friend will get the female vote?!
05/06/01 IJP Email:
The Democratic Unionist electoral machine has put up a strong candidate here, and one that is likely to win. Incumbent Cecil Walker is deemed too old (at 76), a liar (having said he would stand down at this election four years ago) and a fool (after a performance on a local TV programme at which he himself said he was 'mortified'). He has been hit also by a withdrawal of support even from some of his own activists, who are more intent on ensuring their future on Belfast City Council (elections due the same day) rather than helping the old man back to Westminster. The Nationalists' day may well come in this constituency, but a balance of Unionist votes in favour of Dodds, whose performance as a Stormont minister will have done him no harm, should see the DUP home this time.
06/06/01 IJP Email:
Yes, Dodds almost a cert to win here, betting has him at 1/10. Incumbent Cecil Walker is in fact the outsider of the big four, at 16/1.

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