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North Antrim

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Ulster Unionists:
Lexi Scott
Social Democratic & Labour:
Sean Farren MLA
Sinn Fein:
Democratic Unionist:
Ian Paisley MP MLA
Conservaitive Party:

Rev Ian Paisley

97 Result:
10,921 %
7,333 %
21,495 %
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09/04/01 Nicholas Whyte Email: explorers@whyte.com
For a full profile of this seat see my site at http://explorers.whyte.com/na.htm
Paisley is now 75. An amusing rumour in April had it that he would stand directly against Trimble in Upper Bann, and his son Ian Jr take over here. Both Paisleys vehemently denied this. It must be certain that Paisley Sr will remain in Westminster as member for North Antrim.
27/05/01 Liam Email:
Although Paisley will win this seat I think that he will be given a good run for his money. The SDLP is having a very good campaign and indeed so are the UUP.

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