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Peter J. Weir MLA
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Democratic Unionist:
Marrietta Farrell
UK United Party:
Robert L. McCartney MP MLA

Robert McCartney QC

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09/04/01 Nicholas Whyte Email: explorers@whyte.com
For a full profile of this seat see my site at http://explorers.whyte.com/nd.htm
If the UUP had chosen a credible pro-Agreement candidate then this might have been an interesting contest. As it is, they have chosen Peter Weir, whose views are similar to McCartney's but who lacks the incumbent's gravitas. The subsequent wrangles over the validity of Weir's nomination cannot have helped either. Against this background Alliance may have a relatively good result.
22/05/01 Christopher J. Currie Email:8cjc1@qlink.queensu.ca
With the Alliance Party's decision to stand down, it's much more an open race in North Down. The UUP may be able to take it.
26/05/01 Nicholas Whyte Email:explorers@whyte.com
I must now revise my prediction to a UUP gain from the UKUP. Alliance's decision to pull out was generated by the activists on the ground, who made it clear that they would have difficulties canvassing against Lady Hermon. McCartney may be finished this time.
05/06/01 IJP Email:
Local to North Down myself, this race will be extremely close. However, the feeling is McCartney (UKUP) may yet edge it. Not all Alliance voters will follow their party's advice (to vote for Hermon), in addition some people around Donaghadee are concerned about the level of security (at the taxpayers' expense) she and her husband receive. Although North Down is a pro-agreement area and McCartney is perceived as very arrogant, possession is 9/10 of the law in NI politics and people are predicting him to edge it by a few hundred.

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