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Ulster Unionists:
David W.B. Burnside
Social Democratic & Labour:
Sean McKee
Sinn Fein:
Martin Meehan
Democratic Unionist:
William McCrea MP MLA
Norman J. Boyd MLA

Dr William McCrea

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09/04/01 Nicholas Whyte Email: explorers@whyte.com
For a full profile of this seat see my site at http://explorers.whyte.com/sa.htm
If the UUP had chosen a credible pro-Agreement candidate then this might have been an interesting contest. As it is, they have chosen to repeat the mistakes of the by-election by choosing David Burnside, whose campaign in 2000 managed to combine defensiveness and complacency. This combination handed the DUP their best election coup since 1981.
19/04/01 Christopher J. Currie Email:8cjc1@qlink.queensu.ca
I'm not certain that I agree with the DUP call on this one. McCrea only won the by-election with a slim plurality ... and if the Alliance Party decides to stand down here, there's a fair chance that the UUP can retake the area. One can hope that the APNI recognizes the gravity of the situation here.
26/05/01 Nicholas Whyte Email:explorers@whyte.com
Unlike in North Down, there was no feeling among local Alliance activists that Burnside should be supported against McCrea - he is not seen as a liberal by anyone outside Unionism. McCrea has been working hard on his constituency and I still think he will retain it.
06/06/01 IJP Email:
This'll be very close indeed, but predictions of good weather and, therefore, a high turnout mean that the UUP's hand is further strenghthened. The UUP's problem is its candidate is not popular even among constituency party members, some of whom will even vote against him. But South Antrim is not traditional DUP territory, and the UUP will have put a lot into regaining the seat after a tough campaign.

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