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New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick 2003
Provincial Election 2003 Élections provinciales


Update/Mise à jour:
11:16 AM 5/21/2003

Prediction Changed
La prévision a changé
2:31 PM 5/10/2003

Constituency Profile
Profil de circonscription

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Progressive Conservative
Jody Carr
Maurice Harquail
Terry Hovey

MLA/Le député:

Federal MP/députés fédéral:
2000 Federal Election Prediction
John Herron
Hon. Andy Scott
New Brunswick Southwest
Greg Thompson

1999 Result/Résultats:

Jody Carr

Ron Lindala

Terry John Hovey

Paul Pye

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19/05/03 Brad Smith
Email: bmrsmith@hotmail.com
When you drive through the river road through this riding and see literally every second or third house with a Jody Carr lawnsign, chances are he'll be re-elected, easily.
18/05/03 jimmy
This should be an interesting race to watch. Young and popular MLA Jody Carr will be outmatched in candidates forums and door-to-door by the well known business man Maurice Harquil how is a former federal MP and parliamentary secretary. This race will go Liberal if they have some momentum and are headed for 20+ seats.
15/05/03 J.S.
Huge majority + carpet-bagging Liberal candidate=Tory hold.
12/05/03 Irish Observer
A young, and popular incumbent versus a defeated/retired Liberal candidate from the 1970's and early eighties ( remember he ran for leader in 1978 or was it 1971..). Given the possible carpet bagger tag and Carr's popularity, this will be a PC landslide.
12/05/03 syllap
Email: sylapointe@hotmail.com
Easy victory for Jody Carr, very good and well liked MLA, unlike Maurice Harquail former do nothing MP for Restigouche during the Trudeau years, should have stayed with his MP's pension in retirement.....
26/04/03 Patrick Webber
PC incumbent Jody Carr will hold this riding for the Tories. He has had a significant media presence, at least in the Fredericton-Oromocto area, and he won by a handsome margin in 1999. I can't see him being challenged too greatly.

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