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Etobicoke North

Federal Election - 2004 - élection générale

Update/Mise à jour:
7:46 PM 6/25/2004

Prediction Changed
La prévision a changé
7:56 PM 18/03/2004

Constituency Profile
Profil de circonscription

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Liberal Party/Parti libéral:
Roy Cullen
Anna Di Carlo
Green Party/Parti Vert:
Mir Kamal
Cesar Martello
Rupinder Nannar
George Szebik
Christian Héritage Chrétien:
William Ubbens

Population 2001
Number of electors 2000
Nombre d'électeurs

Incumbents/Les députés:
Etobicoke North (100.0%)
Roy Cullen

2000 Result/Résultats:
21,444 72.99%
5,604 19.07%
2,021 6.88%
310 1.06%
0 0.00%

Etobicoke North
(160/171 polls, 60254/64791 voters)
2000 Prediction/Complete Results

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Etobicoke North knows Roy Cullen and his Liberals are arrogant jerks who waste everybody's cash on things that aren't essential but the Tories picked Rupinder Nannar and, well, you can't bring in low-profile against a highly-Grit riding unless it is just for sacrifice hit. Roy has been the point man on all major television, radio and print in TO about the AdScam scandal, saying they were accountable and the other guys weren't, this shows just how bullet-proof Team Martin thinks he is. Christian Heritage might cash in on the traditional values vote federally the Family Coalition got there provincially but that's a huge maybe as the candidate has the wrong ethnicity so call Cullen for the win.
23/06/04 Full Name
Email: [hidden]
No Conservative candidate was nominated for the previous federal election (his nomination papers were received after the deadline).
The current Conservative candidate is Asian, as are 50% of the electors. The Liberals may find this ridiing a bit more of a challenge this time around.
06/06/04 MH
Email: [hidden]
For this one to go anything but Liberal, the Conservatives would have to outdo the PC's in 1984 and 1958. With three weeks left to go in the campaign, a sweep of that magnitude seems unlikely.
10/05/04 A.S.
Email: adma@interlog.com
Like the Scarborough MPs, Roy Cullen's pure Federal Grit wallpaper in a seat now so highly ethnicized, it's difficult to see how it could *ever* go Tory again. (One signal of sleepwalking vizmin-Liberal strength: one of Barbara Hall's top mayoralty totals.) Some possibility of NDP as a sleeper factor, in the grab-strength-where-you-can-find-it sense--and with due regard for its provincial past under Ed Philip; however, their 2003 attempt at a provincial retake with a Sikh "star candidate" flopped almighty. Still, in a seat this impoverished and crime-beleaguered, the Laytonites could easily emerge as the "anti-Liberals" of choice and land an unprecedented and symbolically important second. But Cullen's got one dubious advantage in his favour, esp. among remaining old-stock North Etobians: he's an Anglo running against South Asians. (NB: with the 4[!] major-party candidates being of Asian descent, the provincial seat scored the highest independent-candidate and Family Coalition tallies in 2003.)
17/03/04 Nick Boragina
Email: kee_empire@hotmail.com
This was one of the best ridings for the Liberals last eleciton, regardless of the challengers, they will win.

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