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2006 - élection générale (Canada)

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David Couturier
Bloc Québécois
Claude DeBellefeuille
John Khawand
Cynthia Roy
David Smith

Alain Boire

2004 Résultats:
Alain Boire
Serge Marcil
Dominique Bellemare
Rémi Pelletier
Ligy Alakkattussery
Félix Malboeuf

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18 01 06 Liberty Canada
Bloc Candidate De BEllefeuille does not have the advantage of incumbency, with his having defeated current sitting MP Alain Boire for the nomination.
Tory momenetum in tandem wih Liberal meltdown can put the Tories in striking distance. The Tory could be further aided by disgruntled Boire supporters who may choose to vote CPC or stay home, rather than vote for De Bellefeuille.
Charest could get his people involved too, since part of his riding is held provincially by the Quebec Liberals. On the other hand, part of it is held by the parti Quebecois.
This one could go either way, but Tories trending up
08 12 05 Victor A.
Surprise, surprise Alain Boire lost his nomination in a tightly contested race that apparently included at least three other Bloc members from the riding. The new nominee is Claude de Bellefeuille. Apparently some people had thought that Boire didn't win the nomination fair & square the last time because he registered an overwhelming majority of votes in one specific place in the riding ( Napierville ), anyways that's an interesting story. I have no clue whether he will run as independent but I have a hint he will, the same happened to yet another ex-BQ MP from the Saguenay area back in 2004, she run as independent and came distant 3rd. I wonder if Boire runs as independent will he gain enough votes to split the pro-independence minded voters. I think John Khawand, the Liberal candidate is probably happy about that whole nomination battle because if Boire runs and is popular enough he might split the vote and give Khawand a very unlikely and a very surprising chance to win this back for the Grits, a chance that one might have thought was virtually inexistent. I do suspect that Boire will run as independent but it will be not enough for Liberals to win it? Generally ex-MPs that run as independents in Quebec don't do so well so while I think Boire will get around 7 % to 10 % of the vote, the BQ should still win it. Yet another fascinating BQ nomination is taking place on the 12th of December in Chateauguay-St-Constant where Denise Poirier-Rivard is challenged by Carole Freeman, who has the support of the BQ Youth of that riding. Very interesting.
14 11 05 Alex
Le résultat sera vraisemblementle même que lors des élections 2004, à moins qu'il ne sucombe a la peur de ne pas voir les cadeaux promis lors de la revision économique.
12 05 05 M. Lunn
This only barely went liberal in 2000 when the liberals were polling at nearly double what they are now in Quebec, so it won't even be close this time around. Until the Sponsorship Scandal becomes a distant memory this should stay Bloc Quebecois for quite a while.
05 05 05 Initial
Le Bloc Québécois va accroître son avance dans ce comté-là, je dirais qu'ils prendraient grosso modo 54 % des votes.

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2006 - élection générale
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