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2006 - élection générale (Canada)

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Ginette Boutet
Carlos De Sousa
Bloc Québécois
Gilles Duceppe
François Grégoire
Jocelyne Leduc
Dylan Perceval-Maxwell
Evelyn Elizabeth Ruiz
Soeung Tang
Nicky Tanguay

Gilles Duceppe

2004 Résultats:
Gilles Duceppe
Jean-François Thibault
François Gregoire
Dylan Perceval-Maxwell
Pierre Albert
Nicky Tanguay
Ginette Boutet

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19 01 06 JM
If separatism ever fades as an issue in Quebec, the NDP could do very well in this Province.
18 01 06 01/02/2003
This being the riding of Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, there is no doubt that the Bloc will win there by a large margin. However there is a strong chance the NDP may finish in second place, thanks to the important homosexual vote and especially the presence of the Plateau Mont-Royal in the riding with their "clique du Plateau" mentality. The Conservative was nominated close to the deadline and the Liberal is a paper candidate. It is also possible that the Green Party may finish ahead of the two traditional parties.
29 12 05 MS
Just thought it would be interesting to point out that this riding gave the NDP more votes than any other in Quebec.
29 11 05 Martin Lamontagne
Duceppe peut dormir tranquille. Il vaincra par plus de 12 000 voix de majorité.
21 11 05 Ex-liberal
Gilles Duceppe will not have any difficulty in keeping his riding. Even if the Bloc had a no-name candidate it would win easily thank to the Plateau Mont-Royal voters and the Gay Village. The real race here is for second place.
07 11 05 Vote NDP
This riding is very socially liberal, very separatist, and fairly leftist. In other words, everybody in this riding is more or less an ideological clone of Gilles Duceppe and even the Tories here are not redneck bigots. Expect the Bloc to win close to 70% of the popular vote with the NDP stealing second place from the Libranos.
03 05 05 Full Name
Victoire écrasante pour Gilles Duceppe. Il avait déja en haut de 60% en 2000, il va probablement dépasser les 71 ou 72%. Comté tr;s gauchiste ayantl'uqam, le quartier guay en plus de plateau . Duceppe will be the next leader of PQ and premier of Quebec
05 05 05 BrianJA
Monsieur Duceppe est le prochaine Premiere Ministre du Quebec et il y a aucun chance qu'il va perdu sont conscription dans cette election. Il n'y a personne qui peut defaire Gilles Duceppe ou n'importe quel autre MP de Bloc Quebecois au Québec.
02 05 05 RWA
The Bloc will retain every seat it has, obviously including Duceppe's.
02 05 05 M. Lunn
Gilles Duceppe, Quebec's next premier and possibly first prime-minister if the next referendum suceeds, will win his riding easily. The bigger contest is who will win by a higher percetange, Gilles Duceppe or Stephen Harper. Jack Layton and Paul Martin will still win their ridings, but not by as large a margin as Gilles Duceppe or Stephen Harper.
02 05 05 JC
Duceppe's Seat, enough said. He'll win by a massive landslide.
28 04 05 Nick Boragina
With the leader of the party the media says will benifit most from an election right now running in this riding, it seems clear and obvious that Mr.Duceppe has an easy ride in this left-wing riding.
Cette circonscription possède une forte majorité bloquiste et la gardera certainement lors de la prochaine élection
26 04 05
Gilles Duceppe's riding. Need anything else be added?
26 04 05 JFB
On voit mal comment Gilles Duceppe, Chef du Bloc Québécois, pourrait perdre cette circonscription, en plein coeur du Montréal francophone, surtout dans le contexte actuel des commandites. Victoire plus qu'écrasante du Bloc Québécois.

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2006 - élection générale
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