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Brampton West

Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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Colleen Beaumier
Bal Gosal
Jaipaul Massey-Singh
Jagtar Singh Shergill

Colleen Beaumier

2004 Result/Résultats:
Colleen Beaumier
Tony Clement
Chris Moise
Sanjeev Goel
Tom Bose

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02 01 06 JJ
This riding may be too close to call. Ms. Beaumier, despite protestations to the contrary on this board, is not active on behalf of or well-known in the riding. Her majorities have been diminishing, and although she is not facing a star candidate like Tony Clement this time around, the Conservatives' strong numbers in Ontario might help Conservative Bal Gosal.
Furthermore, NDP and Conservative support seems to be increasing in the riding's large, affluent, and well-organized South Asian community. These are votes that will not be going, as they once may have, to the Liberals.
It might end up being a closer race than many on this board expect, and the Conservatives might just win here, but right now I think it's too close to call clearly.
18 12 05 Fred
Tony Clement lost the last election because he was terrible as Minister of Health for Ontario. He has lost provincially, lost federally, lost the leadership of the Redneck party. That's why he left the riding in shame. Colleen is a straight from the hip kind of Gal who has worked hard for the riding.
04 06 05 A.S.
Andrew: as others have indicated, it doesn't matter that this used to be Bill Davis country: the closeness of the 2004 result was because of Tony Clement, not the Conservatives--if he hadn't been running, the margin might have opened up another 10 points, maybe even more. And as has been proven many times before, just because the Tory candidate is Indian or otherwise "ethnically correct" doesn't mean he'll automatically galvanize the constituency (and Bal Gosal's already had a provincial bum run in Etobicoke North in '03). Sad to say, the race factor may still, in 2005, alienate as many as it attracts (as unfortunately demonstrated in the other Brampton ridings in recent elections). Under the circumstances, the better Tory candidate might have been Mayor Susan Fennell; but given the state of everything, I doubt she'd bite, at least not now (although she did run against Beaumier in the '93 Kim Campbell blowout). What Would Bill Davis Do?
17 05 05 Anthony
Don't think Tony Clement ran off to the hinterlands of Muskoka because he preferred to commune with nature. This riding has been heavily polled by Clement, and his retreat is a clear sign that he didn't like his chances of unseating Beaumier.
Beaumier doesn't get her due as a politician. I met her for the first time when she came to my door in the last election. She is an impressive woman and refreshingly candid.
13 05 05 Andrew
There is no way that the Conservatives will not win this riding. It was one of the closest in the 2004 election (Liberal by 5%). The Indian community will vote overwhelmingly in support of Bal Gosal and he will win this riding.
10 05 05 Ian
Tony Clement only lost this riding because of a weak central campaign and a few mis-steps in the final decision making week of the campaign by Harper. The fact is that the new boundaries in this riding, with the inclusion of Peel Village, favour the right of centre candidate. The only reason Beaumier won last time was because her lacky Vic Dhillon was more successful in organizing voters in the riding then Clement's troops. Things are different this time. Baljit Gosal, a long time conservative activist and Clement organizer has stepped in to fill the Conservative shoes in the riding. Having mobilized voters for several well known Brampton counsellors and mayors, Bal brings a network of well connected and committed people to the table who are prepared to work for him. Word on the street is that much of the support Beaumier has counted on in the Indian community to win has already left her camp and is excited about Bal's canidacy. In fact, several key organizers in the Indian community who worked for Beaumier in the last 3 elections have already pledged their support to Bal. If the CPC can poll above 37% in Ontario, Bal's team can do the rest. It's time to send Colleen into retirement.
09 05 05 M. Lunn
If Colleen Beaumier who is a largely unknown backbencher could defeat a star Conservative candidate, Tony Clement, then I don't think they can take it this time around. In fact, with Tony Clement not running here, this is probably one of the few ridings in Ontario where the Conservatives will see their vote share drop. Had Tony Clement chosen to run here, I would have put it in the too close to call column.
06 05 05 Brandon
Tony Clement came close to taking the riding last year. This time he is running in Parry Sound-Muskoka. And voters voted for Tony, not the CPC. This is an Ontario swing riding and until the CPC starts making major gains in the 905 Region, Colleen Beaumier should be safe.

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