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Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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Peter Coy
Patrick Metzger
Maurganne Mooney
John Brian Steele
Joe Volpe

Hon. Joseph Volpe

2004 Result/Résultats:
Joseph Volpe
Bernie Tanz
Max Silverman
Shel Goldstein
Corrinne Prévost

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09 01 06 Not Non-Partisan
Volpe will win. Coy is trying but this is tough territory for the CPC. Like Vaughan, the Jewish-Italian demographics here are the model for a Lib riding.
Volpe will be one of the first to draw the knives for Mr. Dithers. Unfortunately his will be a sad and lonely crusade when he over-reaches to be the Liberal opposition leader.
26 12 05 td
This is going to be another Liberal hold, it's going to be closer than others are saying on this forum, but if a riding didn't go PC during the PC sweep of 1984, the party won't go that way in a 2006 election that could be thisclose, win for Joe Volpe and the Liberals here.
19 12 05 MH
Since being created in 1976 this constituency has gone Conservative exactly once, in a 1978 by-election. In the 1979 general election it went Liberal, and it has stayed Liberal ever since, even in the 1984 PC landslide. Absolutely nothing suggests that the 2006 election will produce a different result. Even should a major shift towards the Conservatives take place during what remains of the election campaign, Joe Volpe should return to the House of Commons.
23 10 05 A.S.
Key word re the Mulroney sweep is, "narrowly"--in fact, the Libs would likely have lost within the present boundaries. But that was an eon ago. And those added areas which would have thrown the seat to the the Tories in '84; well, that's WASPY Red Tory (read: Martin Liberal) North Toronto. Against this overall scenario, with Joe Volpe manning the federal fort and Mike Colle the provincial fort, the right-of-centre has been content to mark time by milking the Orthodox Jewish polls at the expense of all else--but don't be surprised if, under John Tory, Eg-Law becomes a competitive provincial PC prospect next time around...
09 05 05 M. Lunn
This is a very safe liberal riding. Even during the Mulroney sweep in 1984, the liberals narrowly won this. With Harper's conservatism being very unpopular in urban Ontario, he can forget about winning any 416 seats, let alone this riding. Joe Volpe should win an easy victory again and I don't think his comments about comparing the Conservatives to the KKK or flip flop on same-sex marriage will hurt him at all since most people here are socially liberal and many see the Conservatives as intolerant or at least are suspicious of the old Reform elements who were racist.
08 05 05 Craig
Volpe to hold, with a low turnout. He flip-flopped on gay marriage, he has made crazy comments lately and he has become nothing more than a pawn of Dithers (which could keep some of the old Volpe voters at home), but this is a really strong Liberal seat and the view is the CPC is "scary". However, depending on how low the turnout is, the Conservatives may do quite well for an urban riding. The NDP are not really in the picture. Predicted results: LIB 46%, CPC 30%, NDP 17%, GRN 5%, others 2%.
06 05 05 MF
Joe Volpe should have no problem here. The NDP don't do well here. In the working class western half, the Tories are practically a fringe party. Then you have the rich area between Bathurst and Avenue Rd. - and even there social liberalism will scare these voters off from embracing the Harper-led Tories in large numbers. Most of them don't know about Volpe's past social conservatism (he's increasingly become socially liberal as his riding's boundaries have moved east). The area the Tories will do well is in the orthodox Jewish area around Bathurst and Lawrence, even though Volpe is strongly pro-Israel so he will probably win there too. And still, the vast majority of Canadian Jews vote Liberal, and the shift to the right hasn't occurred, outside the orthodox community, despite the claims made by right-wingers for the past three decades.
02 05 05 JC
Volpe has flip-flopped on Same-sex marriage, but come on, no way will the Liberals lose here this is a hardcore liberal seat.

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