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Julian Ichim
Edwin Laryea
Ajmer Mandur
Ciprian Mihalcea
Pauline Richards
Andrew Telegdi

Hon. Andrew Telegdi

2004 Result/Résultats:
Andrew Telegdi
Steve Strauss
Edwin Laryea
Pauline Richards
Frank Ellis
Ciprian Mihalcea

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13 01 06 Tory Blue
This one needs another look with the Lib's inability to quell concern over racist comments which he refused to retract and in fact tried to justify. KW is a little old-fashioned but I don't think it would be proud to elect someone who can justify the use of N*&$$er and try to justify it.
It's getting bad ink nationally and on the web and there is definite Liberal weakness especially outside GTA. THis has got to be at least TCTC
04 01 06 A.S.
If we were to go by the postings on this seat last election, Telegdi was in deep trouble; "unlikeable", against a not-bad Tory challenger in Steve Strauss and with PC representation provincially, he was surely headed for a close shave if not outright defeat. But he not only won--he won resoundingly. By nearly 20 points, virtually equal to Karen Redman against an inferior CPC opponent (and doing Redman one better by cracking a 10,000 numerical margin). Oof. We might as well bunch this up w/Kitchener Centre as "likely hold", rather than fall back on the Witmer etc alibi all the time. And, brutal as this may sound, we *may* have a duel of "ethnic" versus "racial" politics in the offing here...
19 12 05 David H.
While some Conservative dreamers might imagine this to be a pick-up possibility, Andrew Telegdi will in reality coast to an easy victory with an increased plurality. Mandur has virtually no signs up, while Telegdi has made a conscious decision to hold off campaigning until after Christmas. Moreover, a number of traditional strong Tories have switched their support to Telegdi. He has strong ties with RIM and other high-tech firms in the area, as well as a strong organization among ethnic communities. He'll continue to rack up the highest totals in the region.
18 12 05 Bear and Ape
We are most definitely NOT forgetting that this is southwestern Ontario, nor are we unaware or not acknowledging the fact that the CPC is gaining strength in southwestern Ontario. Despite this, the CPC has still not made major gains in urban southwestern Ontario. Though Harper is not scary as he was in 2004, many urban Canadians, including those in urban SW Ontario will again vote for the devil they know in the Liberals. The Liberals won by over 10,000 votes (say it: TEN THOUSAND VOTES). That is alot, way too much for the Torys to overcome with their current standings in the polls. If you want to talk about Tory gains in SW Ontario, look at more rural ridings and ones where the margins of victory for the Liberals was not in the five figure column.
16 12 05 Paul Westwood
Kitchener-Waterloo is definitely no Toronto type urban riding. I think Bear and Ape is forgetting that we are talking about southwestern Ontario, prime territory for the Conservatives. All Kitchener ridings are up for grabs as polls show conservative support rising in this particular region. Harper has been through the area a few times already, and just the other day Monte Solberg was in town. Already the conservative campaign is looking good as Ajmer has gotten off to a quick start while the Liberal campaign remains dormant. In the area, you can tell while door knocking that there is a strong desire for change.
07 12 05 Bear and Ape
We keep hearing about how "political party A" will unseat "political party B" because their candidate is Indian, Chinese, Haitian, Italian, Greek, Portugese, Klingon or whatever other ethnicity has a decent presence in a given riding. Can anyone give us an example of when this has actually happened? The postings that state the CPC will win because they fielded a Sikh candidate is wishful thinking. In 2004 the CPC fielded plenty of south Asian candidates in places like Mississauga and Brampton, and how many of them got elected....? People in Kitchener and elsewhere are going to vote for the best candidate and the party that best represents their interests, not because the candidate is of any particular ethnicity. Having said that, the Liberal party (if not Telegdi) is most often viewed as the party which best represents urban Canadians (or at least urban Ontarians). Liberal keep..easily!
06 12 05 M. Lunn
If Warren Kinsella had his way, Andrew Telegdi would be defeated, but its not going to happen. This riding is too urban for the Conservatives and Telegdi won by 20 points a 17 months ago, so that is way too big a gap to overcome. I would say anyone who won their riding by more than 10 points is probably pretty safe.
02 12 05 PFR
Kitchener-Waterloo is becoming more ethically diverse as can be seen by anyone who takes a walk on the University of Waterloo campus and no politician in Waterloo Region has relided on the ethnic vote as much as Andrew Telegdi. He can however kiss that support goodbye due to the fact that both the Conservatives and the NDP have nominated visible minorities as their canadiates. The NDP is bringing back Edwin Laryea as their canadiate. While the Conservatives have Ajmer Mandaur, a sucessful and well liked Sikh businessman. While this will not be a blowout Mandaur will take this suburban riding in which Telegdi is increasingly been seen as the out of touch with the community.
22 11 05
I have it on good record that the CPC and Kinsella have been in contact a few times over the last few months. As well, Mandur had dozens of not just Sikh members, but Indian members of the community. I think he will have to fight hard to beat Telegdi but I see this going to Mandur at the end of the day!
17 11 05 Brian Bourke
I'm interested to see how this will play out. Having run in the riding in 2000 (was it that long ago) during a very difficult time, I think the Conservatives do have a chance. The marriage between the old Alliance and conservative forces in the riding is one of the better ones across the country. Now, as opposed to when I ran, there is an actual organization, money and campaign workers. That's necessary when running against Telegdi, who has an excellent organization, tons of people, and buckets of cash. He also has name recognition, which goes a long way. One thing you discover when you go door to door, is just how much voters make up their mind based on the national campaign. A high profile, well spoken, engaging local candidate can make up for some of that, but truthfully, if the Liberals don't screw up dramatically before or during the campaign, or if the Conservatives aren't successful in tapping into the depth of anger out there, not much will change. It's very difficult to take out an incumbent, who to a large degree, hasn't really done anything that wrong. Or perhaps in a biased opinion, not much of anything at all. I think Mandur has a chance, with a little help from Martin and Harper,and by banging on more doors than his opponent, the opportunity is there.
10 06 05 Shane
I just found out the Conservative is a well respected Skih member named Ajemer Mandur. Andrew Telegdi has used this crucial group of voters for granted the past two elections. I think if the conservatives play their cards tightly in Waterloo this riding is theirs. I recommend they seek the advice of long time Liberal advocate Warren Kinsella. He hates Telegdi with a passion and probably has good ammo...
10 05 05
While Telegdi has heavily played the ethnic card in four elections (despite *representing everyone*), the Conservatives have a good chance of nominating Ajmer Mandur, a sikh small buisnessman, as their candidate this time. This could pull away a significant chunk of the vote that Telegdi has shamelessly taken for granted time and again. Added to this is that Adscam is going to drive more voters away from anything that resembles a Liberal and that the NDP has never been popular here (its best showing was in Bob Rae's sweep in 1990, when it placed second to Liz Witmer while one Andrew Telegdi placed third). The recent weeks are beginning to indicate that the "old white man" won't be speaking for this young and viberant community for very long...
10 05 05 Brandon
Telegdi's 11,000 vote victory shows that it wasn't hard Conservatism, but MPP Elizabeth Witmer, who kept this riding Progressive Conservative provincially. Whatever party wins Ontario will win K-W. For now, a Liberal victory here is the safest bet.
09 05 05 M. Lunn
Andrew Telegdi will be going back to Ottawa whether Warren Kinsella likes it or not. Last time around, Warren Kinsella donated to his opponents to have him defeated since Telegdi was a strong supporter of Martin ousting Chretien while Kinsella is the ultimate Chretien loyalists. However, this is generally a liberal riding. Elizabeth Witmer won provincially since she is a red tory and also due to her personal popularity as opposed to support for the party. Had she not ran, this would have gone liberal in the last provincial election. Also Andrew Telegdi is a very independent minded MP who quite frequently votes against the government.

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