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Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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James Caron
Otto Casanova
Progressive Canadian
Peter Creighton
Raminder Gill
Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan

2004 Result/Résultats:
Wajid Khan
Nina Tangri
Manjinder Rai
Otto Casanova
Peter Gibson Creighton

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11 01 06 Not Non-Partisan
Wajid Khan seems like a good guy but so does Raminder Gill (an experienced parliamentarian). This riding, like almost all of the 905 is characterized by suburban sprawl (other than historic Streetsville, which is a tiny enclave). It is highly susceptible to the trend and that is clearly going to be Tory.
29 12 05 Ch. Rahim
Raminder and his volunteers are every where. I have seen them canvassing in snow and rain. There is clear evidence in the riding with the signs that Raminder Gill campaign is on the move. If most people think that all Muslims or all Pakistani Canadians are Liberals or are voting for Mr. Khan, they are wrong.
28 12 05 The Elk
I've been around the riding, and I've canvassed with Wajid Khan. The reception at the door was positive, and there were more Liberal supporters than Conservatives. I've yet to see Raminder Gill at my door or his literature anywhere. Also, I read in my local paper today that the Tories have basically given up on all Mississauga ridings with the exception of Erindale, where they might have a chance. So Wajid Khan should take this riding by a comfortable margin.
07 12 05 M. Lunn
Wajid Khan maybe a lousy MP, but that really doesn't matter. The Liberals will win in Mississauga no matter who runs since the NDP is too left wing for this centre-right area, while the Conservatives are too right wing to win here. As for Raminder Gill picking up the ethnic vote, 1. it won't happen, 2. Even most of those not from the ethnic communities go Liberal in the GTA as people in GTA see the Conservatives as the third incarnation of the Reform Party and won't no part of it.
28 11 05 Dave
I have seen Raminder Gills performance at Queens park. He is a very hard working representative for his constituents. He was instrumental in bringing the William Osler Hospital to Peel. He is sure to restore Conservatives back to power in this riding.
04 06 05 A.S.
Actually, Raminder Gill *did* run here before; he was the federal PC standard-bearer against Liberal Steve Mahoney in 1997 and got 16% for his efforts (2 points below Reform). Still seems to (presently) incline Liberal in your typical hyper-ethnic 905 fashion--though note that in 2004 the Greens scored over 5% and the Progressive Canadians got their best share in Ontario at 2.9%, presumably thanks to their being the only non-Asians in the running. (Yes, racialized speculation hurts.) The Hazelness of Streetsville plus leftover "Snobelen populism" lends a slight bit of a Tory-compatible vibe; but after the wall-of-spam on behalf of Nina Tangri that plagued this site in '04, one's tempted to take any overzealous Tory predictions w/a grain of salt...
13 05 05 Paul
Now that Raminder Gill has been nominated as the conservative candidate, the conservatives have a decent chance of winning. I'd at least mark this riding too close to call. Mississauga MPs seem doomed to eternally serve in the backbenches. Having an MP as important as Raminder Gill will see the priorities of Mississauga given greater attention. The voters here will realize that.
10 05 05
The Full Name who predicted Conservative's got it all wrong. The only reason this riding was the weakest in all of Mississauga's 6 were because Khan was a new man, due to Mahoney's blunder in Miss-Erindale, plus a high-profile Tory who ran previously in the provincial election. This riding since 1993 has voted Liberals with over 60%+ of popular support. Khan may not get that high a result, but he's been a hardworking MP and would likely be reelected by 9000-10000 votes. If Raminder Gill runs for the Conservatives, he would have baggage from the Mike Harris years, as well as inexperience in this riding because while he is a former MPP he has never ran here before.
06 05 05 Full Name
Conservatives, under a new candidate, will be working very hard to win this riding. Don't count them out yet. Also, remember that this was the weakest riding for the Liberals in all of Mississauga, therefore, this will be one of the first to go Conservative if they break through in the 905 region.
04 05 05 Full Name
I had my doubts about Wajid Khan at first, because he didn't live in the riding and was parachuted in by Paul Martin's team. But I've had the opportunity to observe his work this past year, and I have to say I'm impressed. He's very engaging with people and he'll tell you like it is, but not in a way that would be controversial (ie: Carolyn Parrish-style). He's had more town meetings, bringing in cabinet ministers to speak with constituents, than Homer Simpson's ass has met a toilet seat, and that speaks volumes about Khan's commitment to bringing Ottawa to Miss-Streetsville, not the other way around. Unless the Conservatives choose a candidate that could match Khan's growing stature in the riding, I would say Khan would win again easily, though not in the 60%+ results that Steve Mahoney got.
01 05 05 Miles Lunn
Despite its past Conservative leanings, the liberals won by a large enough margin that they should hold this one. It maybe a little bit closer and should the Conservatives choose a more moderate leader after the next election, they may have a shot in the election after.

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