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Wellington-Halton Hills
Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

Constituency Profile
Profil de circonscription

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Brent Bouteiller
Michael Chong
Noel Paul Duignan
Rod Finnie
Christian Heritage
Carol Ann Krusky
Mike Wisniewski

Michael Chong

2004 Result/Résultats:
Mike Chong
Bruce Hood
Noel Duignan
Brent Bouteiller
Pat Woode

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19 12 05 David H.
The Liberals will put up a fight in this riding, and they'll have some support in the more suburban segments. Unfortunately for them, the rural area and the towns like Fergus are solidly (Progressive) Conservative. Ted Arnott sweeps to easy victories throughout that area thanks to his moderate image. Fortunately for the Tories, Gordon Chong fits that category.
18 12 05 quasar
Moderate and hard working, Chong is popular in this riding. Last time, the Libs ran a star candidate, and had a pretty unknown Tory candidate defeat him by about 2000 votes. I think that says something about the demographics of this riding. Now that Chong has proved his excellence as an MP, no doubt, running against a "well-liked" mayor or not, he will be re-elected in a jiffy.
04 12 05 R Pyne
The Conservatives have the advantage no doubt. Chong has done a great job and reached out to the community. The biggest challenge the Conservatives will face are the Liberals. Noel and the NDP will not be a strong influence. He was not a strong local MPP when elected to Rae's government in the early 1990s - many people including NDPers remember this.
Bruce Hood was considered a star candidate by many, yet he underwent a tough battle for nomination. This time the Liberal riding association is united behind their new candidate. Running with Rod Finnie - Mayor of Erin - they might be able to close the 2004 gap. Finnie was acclaimed in the last local elections. If the Liberals can continue to hold South Georgetown and Finnie's clam collective manner as an honest local politican who works for the community comes across the Liberals might have a chance. The Liberals will gain votes in Erin and surrounding areas. Will have to watch Finnie's impact in the rest of the riding. Furthermore, Rod has better relations than Hood with the many of the local newspapers - which maintains an influence in both the GTA and rural areas.
This will be an interesting race to watch unfold through the election.
24 07 05 Mini Phreek
There is no reason why Chong will not win again, he’s a red Tory that appeals to the majority of the people here, just like the local PC MPP, he will stick around even if his party loses again.
04 08 05 A.S.
At least Stephen Harper was able to squeeze some "vizmin" representation out of Ontario--even if it was a pair of PCish East Asian moderates (Oda, Chong) whose ethnicity was wholly incidental within their still-incredibly-white outermost-GTA turf. As for Mike Chong, his turf has a history of Tory illustriousness up until 1993, so his defeat of Bruce Hood (who was more a "desperation" sort of star candidate) was less surprising than the relative narrowness of his margin. (It's also telling that Bruce Hood's best polls--South Georgetown et al--tended to be the most GTAesque.) Like so many Tories in Ontario, Chong's now helped by "being there"--but mind that 2004 margin...
03 08 05 J
Even with a well liked Mayor running against Chong, he has been performing well, is well liked and should have no problem increasing his margin of victory. If Chong has trouble holding this seat then no seat east of Saskatchewan is safe for the Conservatives
13 06 05 Jay
Young, well liked, intelligent incumbent Mike Chong will not be losing here. After defeating a Liberal star candidate, the Liberals will play a low-profile "filler" as a candidate. Considering the scandal-torn condition of the Liberal party, a lot of votes will be projected to Mike Chong. He will increase the already comfortable gap with the Liberal candidate whever that might be.
09 05 05 JS
Looks like the Liberals cant even find someone to run against Michael Chong.
09 05 05 M. Lunn
I think Mike Chong will be re-elected even if the liberals keep a 10-12 point lead in Ontario. This is a rural riding with deep conservative roots. Add to the fact that Mike Chong was running against former NHL referee Bruce Hood who was one of the liberal star candidates, so I don't know who the liberals could put up against him and still win. This time around it will likely be a weaker candidate unless the liberals have a bigger lead than last time around, which is unlikely is more testimony comes out from the Gomery Inquiry.
08 05 05 PFR
The conservatives will hold this riding. Michael Chong has shown himself to be one the top young MP's in Ottawa. In addition, considering the shape the Liberals are in now they won't be winning too many seats in rural Ontario.
06 05 05 Brandon
The Liberals are certainly not gaining any rural ridings in Ontario. Mike Chong won here last time by a comfy margin and is well-liked as an MP. He even beat a Liberal star candidate last time. Wellington-Halton Hills is a CPC slam dunk.

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