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Windsor West

Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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Jillana Bishop
Werner Keller
Brian Masse
Progressive Canadian
Chris Schnurr
Al Teshuba
Enver Villamizar
Habib Zaidi

Brian Masse

2004 Result/Résultats:
Brian Masse
Richard Pollock
Jordan Katz
Rob Spring
Enver Villamizar

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15 01 06 Bear and Ape
Not that it matters, the NDP have this locked up tightly, but just some observations from the 2004 campaign. Lawn signs are far fewer this time. 2004 saw all parties (NDP being the strongest) litter the riding with signs, particularly along Dominion Blvd (a busy residental thoughfare), where many homes actually had signs for two, even three parties (only seen one example and this was near the university close to Century High School). South Windsor was filled with signs for Katz in 2004, giving the illusion that the CPC had a real following in the riding. Not so this time. Keller has more signs around the university and a wopping big one on Bear's street. Not too surprising considering he was a proff at the U, sincerely doubt that'll translate into votes. Even have a few signs for Al Whats-His-Name and the CPC near the university, that's something new. Never the less, signs for Brian and the NDP, though less numerous this time, are the most popular and the most consistent. Masse was the only candidate to have bothered to send any literature to Bear's neighbourhood. Yeah it's mostly students, and they tend not to vote, but there are plenty of sienors who lived here before the U was built, not to mention the residents living in the projects along the tracks and the appartment buildings with faculty and staff at the U....hmmm...maybe some other parties should pay a little more attention to this particular area of Windsor...
21 12 05 James
This will be an easy win for Brian Masse. I live in this riding and I haven't seen Werner Keller or a Liberal canvasser out at all so far. Honestly, I don't even know what he looks like. Even though the Conservative candidate is an unknown as well, atleast he has his picture on his signs so I get an idea of what he looks like. It's hard to tell who will really be pulling into the second place since both the Liberal and Conservative candidates are doing a great job at staying invisible.
I predict an easy NDP sweep, followed by the Liberals and then the Conservatives.
13 12 05 PY
Werner Keller is the Liberal candidate here and a former instructor of mine for a brief period while I was at the U of W. However, he's really got his work cut out for him, having seen Richard Pollock lose twice. Martin was in the city recently, but I don't really know whether Keller was showcased much or not. Anyone have any idea?
It's sad to think that Herb Gray's slowing becoming a forgotten man and the Martin (Sr) legacy is increasingly being tuned out. This is an unfortunate punt for the Liberals.
12 12 05 SDC
This will be a hold for the NDP eventhough Brian Masse is not particularly exciting as a candidate. A telling factor is that no major Liberal name, not even a parachute candidate (like Mark McGuigan back in the 60's) was willing to put their name forward in a riding that still has a significant Liberal organization holding over from the Herb Gray days and currently incarnated in the sitting Provincial Liberal Cabinet members.
The only chance the Liberals have here is if the Tories completely fold in this riding.
30 11 05 C B
Being that this riding was behind Herb Gray for roughly 40 years, Windsor West is fairly predictable. Voters elected Herb Gray for two main reasons, because he was Herb Gray and because he was the incumbent, not necessarily because he was a Liberal. People for a very long time assumed that Windsor West was a "Liberal" seat, however, Brian Masse threw that out the window when he was not only elected, but reelected by a wide margin. Voters here like their incumbents. Once they like someone, they stick with them through thick and thin. It is not necessarily because of what they do, mind you. I live in this riding and Brian Masse is a nobody. He has done absolutely nothing for this riding worth mentioning. He is an NDP vote in Parliament, nothing more. He sends out regular newsletters, trying to pretend that he actually does something as M.P. Once voters elect someone here though, they act like they are the best thing since buttered bread, no matter what they do. I can say that I personally will certainly NOT vote for Brian Masse, but I would be absolutely dumbfounded if he is not re-elected.
26 08 05 A.S.
It may reflect on him being more of an "urban" than "union" NDPer that Windsor's junior NDP incumbent Brian Masse fared better than the senior NDP incumbent Joe Comartin (and in a riding with a shakier NDP history provincially/federally, at that). Anyhow, the scale of Masse's victory (widest NDP margin and second highest NDP percentage in Ontario) affirms that his appeal transcends party affiliation, and not just as a momentary byelection fluke, either. But don't be terribly surprised if in their quest to turn their parliamentary minority back into a majority, the Liberals shoo off naysayers and seriously gun for a Windsor takeback--look, the hallowed ground of Herb Gray and *ahem* Paul Martin Sr. can't simply be written off. So, right now an "obvious" NDP prediction, but under present-day circumstances, the spectre of 1974 looms around every corner...
16 05 05 Aric H
Interesting riding for the NDP the last few years. This was the riding for 40 years of long-term Liberal MP and cabinet minister Herb Gray who retired as MP a year or so after the 2000 election to run a government agency at Chretien's urging. After Gray left, the NDP won it in a by-election and it remained NDP in the election last year. It looks like the NDP will now have this seat for a while and that after their popular MP Gray left, voters were then willing to have the NDP have it.
16 05 05 Bear and Ape
Brian Masse is very high profile and in an industrial city where the unions rule, you can be certain that the NDP will win easily. Bear's landlord today (a personal friend of Richard Pollock) mentioned that Pollock won't be running and the Liberals are having a hard time finding a candidate. This only strengthens the NDP hold on this riding. To contradict Craig's comment that the Conservatives may make a distant second place, this riding has a large Italian community (amongst other traditional Liberal supporting communities) where a percentage will vote Liberal by default. Top it off, Conservative ideology just doesn't seem to fly in this city. Look for Liberals to take second and Conservatives a distant third.
11 05 05 Craig
A young star in the NDP camp, Brian Masse should hold on easily. Like Windsor-Tecumseh, he has the unions all on side, and AdScam and other Liberal problems should increase his margin even more. The Conservatives may actually finish a distant second. Predicted results: NDP 46%, CPC 25%, LIB 23%, GRN 5%, others 1%.
09 05 05 JFB
Brian Masse a démontré sa valeur. Lors des dernières élections, plusieurs ont douté de sa réélection. Or, il a obtenu 6000 voix de majorité. Windsor est un microcosme bien particulier. Il enverra à nouveau un contingent de néo-démocrates à Ottawa. Victoire du NPD!
09 05 05 M. Lunn
Brian Masse had one of the best showings for the NDP not only in Ontario, but nationwide so he should win easily. Windsor has a large union population who tend to favour the NDP and with the liberals declining in popularity, liberal voters are more likely to turn to the NDP over the Conservatives (Only in Essex will they go over to the Conservatives). Also Brian Masse has been a strong advocate for the auto sector as well as the Windsor-Detroit border, which should help him.
09 05 05 RWA
The NDP has a solid hold on both Windsor ridings. They won by a lot last time and the Liberals aren't likely to be targetting many gains in this election.

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