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Edmonton-Sherwood Park
Federal Election - 2006

Constituency Profile

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Ken Epp
Laurie Lang
Lynn T. Lau
Ron Symic

Ken Epp

2004 Result:
Ken Epp
Maureen Towns
Chris Harwood
Margaret Marean

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26 10 05 Nick Boragina
Things have changed greatly since the first prediction was made in May. What has not changed is the demographics of this riding, and the fact that the Conservatives will win here. This is still a "rural" riding, and beyond that, Epp has been around since who know's when. This riding will continue to express its party loyalty, and elect the CPC
05 11 05 hatman
Suburban Edmonton - will go Conservative for sure. Ken Epp, the MP has been re-elected with massive majorities ever since 1993. The last time this riding was close was in 1986, when the NDP almost won here in a by-election. Certainly something that won't happen again. No, the Liberals will finish 2nd here for sure, but with less than half the percentage of the tories. The NDP will be a couple thousand behind the Grits. Just for the record, the Liberals last won here in 1957!
02 05 05 Miles Lunn
Unlike the other Edmonton ridings, most of the riding's population lives outside the City of Edmonton in commuter communities which are more in-line with Rural Alberta than Edmonton. With the Adscam hurting the liberals, the Conservatives will not only win all the polls in the rural/suburban portions, but will probably win nearly all the polls within the city portion meaning a Conservative landslide.

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