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Halifax West
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Christian Heritage
Ennis, Trevor
Khosla, Rakesh
New Democratic
Lorincz, Tamara
Munday, Michael
Regan, Geoff

Hon. Geoff Regan

2006 Result:
Geoff Regan **
Alan Hill
Rakesh Khosla
Thomas Trappenberg

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08 10 08 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
As much as the NDP are killing the Grits in Halifax, the Grits are killing the NDP in Halifax West. No real surprise actually, this riding is more suburban than Halifax and we see the same trend all across the country; NDP winning closer to the city center while close-by burbs go Liberal.
08 09 25 K Perkins
There is no question that Geoff Regan will be handily re-elected in this riding. Mr. Regan could run for any party and win as his personal appeal and his record as a personable MP will win over his opponents.
08 09 12 JJ
Halifax West is a dumping ground for unknown NDP candidates with what suburban voters think of as extreme left-wing views. Geoff Regan in a walk.
08 09 05 DAS
More on Tamara Lorincz. Today, she's in the Halifax Herald, having been observed yelling at military officers on their way into a meeting. She was there as part of the Halifax Peace Coalition -- sounds peaceful, doesn't she?
And the question is -- on the same day that Peter Stoffer is in the paper, chastising Harper for failing to live up to promises to veterans -- what is the NDP's position on the military? Is the official plan to yell at members of our forces as they go about their duties?
08 09 05 DAS
This is a no-brainer: Regan won by a 49% margin last time. He's held over 80 public meetings, responds to constituents quickly, is well respected.
He brought funds to Halifax Regional Municipality to clean up our hideous harbour -- and this year we could actually swim in the harbour for the first time in decades.
Tamara Lorincz is so extreme in her views and confrontations (witness the photo of her in the Herald picketing Jim Prentice this year -- after she was nominated -- equating a certain international company with death) that she offends people frequently.
And the Conservative candidate, Rokesh Khosla, spent much of the last election running from the media over his relgious views, can't answer a question without consulting with the Conservative brain trust (he READ his answerss from a Consevative playbook last debate), and participated in the Tory in-and-out scheme to defraud taxpayers and flout election spending laws.
I've never heard of the Green candidate before.
08 08 29
Tamara Lorincz is an extremist who will not appeal to undecided, middle of the road voters. She has a record of involvement with quasi-Marxist groups like the Halifax Peace Coalition that will turn off centrist voters. Regan is likely to benefit from the relatively weak Conservative candidate (I say this as a Conservative voter) who really has no chance to win in this riding.
08 08 25 MadCaper
Although the Liberals held this seat by a large margin in the last election I would not say that they have a lock on this one especially since the N.D.P. have nominated Tamara Lorenz ,a noted environmentalist and high quality candidate. The Regan name will not be enough to win this seat this time around and when you hang the Dion noose around Regans' neck and the Green Shift on top of it this could be a seat that the New Democrats will take back. The Tories and the Greens will not be an issue in this riding other than to pull votes away from the Liberals. Call this one a gain for the N.D.P.
08 03 31
It has more immigrants than the rest of NS, and a wealthy chunk of Bedford. The Conservative candidate is an utter joke, and Regan is quite popular. No chance the Liberals could lose-in 2006, a bad year nationally, Regan actually increased his vote total, and since then the Liberals have not fallen in NS.
08 02 23 A.S.
The next safest NS Liberal seat after the Cape Breton seats and Scott Brison, and the last redistribution firmed things up for Geoff Regan so that as long as the Conservatives remain un-Stanfieldian, nothing'll change--and as for the NDP, there are reasons why the one-termer who defeated Regan in '97 has been running in South Shore-St. Margaret's instead...
07 10 02 Nick J Boragina
Despite earlier comments, this riding does have a base of NDP support. The problem is it also has a base of Conservative support. The Liberals can beat back both challengers easily though. So long as the balance is maintained the Liberals should continue to win here, even if the margin gets ever narrower.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
Of the four Halifax ridings, this is the safest Liberal one and Geoff Regan should easily be re-elected. He only lost in 1997 due to the EI changes, but every other election he has won handidly.
07 03 25 Brian Appel
This riding has quite a bit of wealth in it, mostly because it includes Bedford, so chances of it going back to the NDP are minimal. Geoff Regan has done a fantastic job of rising above his dad's tarnished name and becoming one of the most popular politicians in the maritimes. Regan will hold Hali West. No doubt about it.

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