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4:24 PM 24/03/2007

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Fundy Royal
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Millett, Erik Matthew
New Democratic
Moir, Rob
Moore, Rob
Wright, Mark

Rob Moore

2006 Result:
Rob Moore **
Eldon Hunter
Rob Moir
Patty Donovan

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08 01 26 A.S.
Such is the peculiarity of New Brunswick that even in the event of the curtest ĎHarper to Maritimes: Drop Deadí scenario, Fundy Royal's likely to stick with the Tory pack. Those old Confederation of Regions allegiances die hard, you know...
07 09 09 Nick J Boragina
It was in this riding that the Reform Party had one of itís best showings east of Ontario, and in this riding that the Canadian Alliance had one of itís best showings as well. Rob Moore is not just some MP, he is the Alliance candidate who ran in 2000 against John Herron, at the time a PC candidate. In 2004 Herron had support of red tories and his new Liberal Party, but it was Moore with the backing of the old Alliance crowd and the Conservative Party that was able to win here. If a former Alliance candidate can get elected in New Brunswick because of the strength of his party in 2004 (and then get re-elected in 2006) he can certainly do it at least one more time.
07 06 18 binriso
You know, this riding is definitely not an ultra safe seat and if the NDP ran a weaker candidate than they have last election it could be a relatively close race between the Liberals and Conservatives. That said there is not much chance of Rob Moore losing. Funny cause some people will confuse him with Rob Moir, the NDP candidate. This riding will probably be held with about 45% of the vote for the CPC.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
This is one of the safest conservative ridings east of the Manitoba/Ontario border. In the last 80 years, it has only once gone Liberal and that was in 1993, so unless the Conservatives have a similiar meltdown, they should hold this one easily.
07 03 23 Daniel
Even if the Conservatives were to do poorly in the next election, Fundy Royal would be one of two New Brunswick ridings they would assuredly win; considering that it's only gone Liberal once (in 1993), Fundy Royal could easily place this in the Conservative column.

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