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11:34 AM 05/04/2007

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élection générale (Canada) - 2007

Profil de circonscription

Bouchard, Jacques
Bloc Québécois
Dorion, Jean
Hillier, Ryan
Moreau, Danielle
Patenaude, Serge
New Democratic
St-Denis, Lise

Caroline St-Hilaire

2006 Résultats:
Caroline St-Hilaire **
Sébastien Legris
Lancine Diawara
Philippe Haese
Adam Sommerfeld
David Fiset

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08 09 11 Martin Lamontagne
Malheureusement le candidat Jean Dorion sera ?lu avec aucune opposition (il a l'habitude...), ou presque dans ce comt? facile, bastion souverainiste depuis toujours. D'ailleurs, avec la pr?sence de Jean Dorion comme candidat, on est entrain de se demander si l'ex ministre Jacques Brassard avait peut-?tre raison de remettre en question la pertinence du Bloc Qu?b?cois ? Ottawa. Dieu Merci, je ne demeure pas le comt? de Longueuil-Boucherville ce qui diminue totalement mes chances de le rencontrer dans son porte ? porte qu'il aurra a faire...
Une retraite dor?e s'annonce pour Jean Dorion ? Ottawa. C'est probablement pourquoi il accepte d'y aller, son salaire de pr?sident de la SSJB ?tant largement insufisant pour lui.
Jean Dorion gonna work no so hard to win this Bloc Qu?b?cois fortress. But why he go there except for the easy money he gonna doe ?
08 06 02 T.V.
This is one of the safest Bloc seats in Quebec. If Martin's post-leadership popularity had held and the Bloc was knocked down to fifteen seats, this would have been one of them.
08 03 24 binriso
3 to 1 vote advantage for the BQ last time, doesnt really matter that the MP is quitting, theyll win again by a big margin.
08 02 11 A.S.
Remember that Longeueil is not only in suburban Montreal, it has an Oshawa/Hamiltonish blue-collar heavy-industry streak which, around these parts, acts as a fine BQ/PQ anchor, left division. And remember: Taillon used to be the seat of current PQ leader Pauline Marois.
08 01 29 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
R.D., you comments about this riding being in play with St Hilaire's retirement is indicative of either a ‘stary-eyed conservative supporter’ who sees wins everywhere he/she turns, or of someone who is completly nieve about this riding. First of all, this riding is a Montreal riding. True it is off island, but for all tense and purposes it is no different from Pointe de L'Ile. Anyone with an iota of prespective knows that the CPC is not going anywhere in the major urban centers, especially in Montreal. As well CPC support in Quebec rises and falls like Fundy tides and there are major issues (Afghanistan, Kyoto to name just two) that Quebecers and the CPC do not see eye to eye on. Top it off, look at the provincial record in this riding (mostly the Taillon riding), it's a bastion of PQ support that survived the ADQ sweep. Sorry to burst any bubbles but this one is not going CPC until they start striking a chord with Montreal urban voters.
08 01 29 Somebody Not From Quebec
This is one of those suburban Montreal ridings that the CPC have the best chance to pick up. If they run a really good candidate here, they might have a chance. But considering the Bloc won here with 55% of the vote it's a pretty uphill climb.
08 01 14 R.D.
Bloc MP St-Hilaire has announced she will not be seeking reelection.
In light of the Conservatives (distant) second place finish in 2006, the ADQ's recent provincial win within the federal ridings' boundaries, and the Conservatives' generally rising fortunes in Quebec, I think this riding is now in play.
08 01 14
St-Hilaire isn't running again, so that should make this at least slightly more winnable for the other parties. Still a likely Bloc hold.
07 04 09 Brian Appel
Caroline St-Hilaire is a fairly good MP for a strong, nationalist area. The ADQ did well here, so it'll go Conservative before it goes Liberal, but for now the Bloc will hold on.
07 04 02 Nick J Boragina
I would not be so quick to judge, the ADQ's win here was a shocker to the ADQ itself. Even with the tories far behind in the last ballot, they do stand to potentially gain this time around, especially when you take into account that 2 years ago they had no party machine in the province, and the ADQ had no party machine in the area. Now both are in place, and it could spell surprise victory. nothing is certain yet, however.
07 03 29 P.P.
Part of this riding resisted the ADQ wave in Quebec. And the fusion-defusion problem has little influence on a federal vote. This is souverainist country. It will remain souverainist

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