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11:33 AM 05/04/2007

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élection générale (Canada) - 2007

Profil de circonscription

Bériault, Réjean
Cournoyer, Ghislaine
Laplante, Rebecca
Bloc Québécois
Plamondon, Louis
New Democratic
Seddiki, Nourredine

Louis Plamondon

2006 Résultats:
Louis Plamondon **
Marie-Ève Hélie-Lambert
Ghislaine Provencher
Marie-Claude Roberge Cartier
Louis Lacroix

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08 09 15 St?phane Gaudet
Passerait facilement aux conservateurs si ce n'?tait du d?put? Louis Plamondon, ind?logeable depuis 1984. Gr?ce ? lui, le comt? r?sistera au PCC qui remportera toutefois les autres comt?s dans la r?gion.
07 07 24 binriso
No trouble for re-election here. Plamondon won ~55% in 06 and although he probably wont get as high this time, there’s a large gap in between him and the Tories (33% almost). Not to mention he's the longest sitting MP when Bill Blaikie quits. I’ll say that the results will probably be somewhere around 45-50 for the BQ and 25-30 for the CPC. The other three parties will split the remaining 25-30% with the Liberals getting a few more % than the NDP and Greens do. Something like LIB 12% NDP 7% GRN 7%. Interestingly, I think there will be only a dozen or so ridings (if that) that will give the BQ 50% of the votes this time, a dark cloud perhaps for the sovereigntist movement?
07 03 31 A.S.
As bizarre as the prospect of a separatist Father Of The House might be, the Mario Harper synergy opens up the equally bizarre possibility that Louis Plamondon might, just might not make it--after all, Nicolet-Yamaska went ADQ provincially, and the Conservatives brought Plamondon to a draw in the easternmost Deschaillons edge of BRNB (within the nuke shadow of the solidly Mario Harperite Lotbiniere). But that's more likely if the Bloc collapses into non-party-status or worse like the post-Caouette Creditistes. What's more likely is that for the first time, Plamondon won't win in a poll-sweeping landslide--that is, it may be strictly Sorel-Tracy absolutely claiming the day for him, now...

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