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11:04 AM 28/03/2007

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Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie
élection générale (Canada) - 2007

Profil de circonscription

Berthiaume, Jean-Patrick
Bloc Québécois
Bigras, Bernard
New Democratic
Boulerice, Alexandre
Boulianne, Sylvie
Chénier, Stéphane
No Affiliation
Dugré, Michel
Larochelle, Vincent
Théodore, Marjorie

Bernard Bigras

2006 Résultats:
Bernard Bigras **
Suzanne Harvey
Chantal Reeves
Michel Sauvé
Marc-André Gadoury
Hugô St-Onge

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08 03 08 A.S.
At one point, Rosemont might have given a latent ‘federalist-compatible’ impression (perhaps born of its adjacency to other Liberal ridings, or being the only ‘inland’ stronghold of Montreal's East Island PQ/BQ belt). But there's no question now--and the fact that NDP might well be what passes for strongest-likely-competition says it all...
08 02 22 Suaveman
It would be hard for anybody to knock Bigras out here. A potential bext leader of the Bloc, he is one of their most known MPs.
Who gets second place? The Grits haven't named anyone yet and the tories are martian to the people here.
Keep an eye on Alexandre Boulerice of the NDP to get a convincing second place. A union leader, ex-journalist and election veteran, Boulerice and the well-organized NDP will put on a good show in this riding. If Bigras shows up to the local debates -which I bet he won't- he'll be in for a bit of a surprise, I reckon.
07 09 24 Nick J Boragina
Bigras is a name I know, and I don’t follow Bloc politicians that closely. He is a known quantity, and that always helps. Add to that that this riding is on Montreal. Last election this was the 7th best for the Bloc. With the Tories nipping at their heels outside of the Island, I would not be surprised if this riding jumps to 2nd best for the Bloc, behind one of it’s neighbors on the Island. I also see the NDP strength here, and while they won win, they could come in a notable second. Notable not in that it’s even close, but that they could rack up a few thousand votes of a margin on the Liberal.
07 09 21 binriso
Obviously the BQ are going to win here and pretty easily, but the NDP will no doubt increase their vote total here, Outremont is just next door and no doubt many of their volunteers will come over here to help as well as in Laurier St Marie. NDP will get enough to get into 2nd above the Liberals. Just some random numbers here...
BQ 50
NDP 20
LIB 15
07 04 13 Brian Appel
This is a riding is a unique mix of working-class and middle-class, high-school dropouts and university graduates. The relatively decent Rosemont, and the rather poverty-stricken Petite Patrie. It's actually a good riding for the NDP to win in...were it not for the Bloc. Bigras is a young guy who has his finger on the pulse of this riding and is well-respected for his work there. Easy hold for the Bloc.
07 03 27 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
To contradict something Smok Wawelski said, the Liberals in the 2000 election targeted this riding due to a good showing in the 97 election. We thought it highly unlikely they'd win (and we were right) but they seemed to think they had a chance. No more than a historical curiosity now, solid BQ hold!
07 03 26 Smok Wawelski
Rosemont-La petite patrie has been Bloc since 1993, and Pequiste for even longer. Proovincially this seat was never in question, nor should it be federally. Bloc hold.

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