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11:36 AM 05/04/2007

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élection générale (Canada) - 2007

Profil de circonscription

Bloc Québécois
Bourgeois, Diane
Cadieux, M. Zamboni
Drapeau, Martin
New Democratic
Le Clair, Michel
Lebel, Daniel
Nassif, Eva

Diane Bourgeois

2006 Résultats:
Diane Bourgeois **
Daniel Lebel
Maxime Thériault
Michel Le Clair
Martin Drapeau

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08 03 09 A.S.
ADQ jolted this megaburban zone out of perma-separatist complacency--but it's also here where Adequiste doldrums are most likely to be felt; and in any event, it's probably more akin to those suburban Toronto zones which went federal Liberal by a landslide even while electing Mike Harris Tories provincially. So, after a brief bit of Super Mario turbulence, the status quo holds.
07 09 24 Nick J Boragina
It’s places like here in Terrebonne that you will see the effect that most other provinces have become accustomed to. What is that? Ask someone in North York, or Edmonton, or Winnipeg what party their area supports. They will tell you that provincially their area supports the PC Party, or the Liberals, but Federally their area is Liberal, Conservative, or NDP. The ADQ might be able to rack up wins here, and even in future elections do so by large margins, but the Bloc Quebecois is not the Parti Quebecois, and even if it was, the examples above show that one’s win does not mean another’s win. The Bloc had this riding in it’s top 5 last time around, it would take a lot of work to make them lose here.
If your still doubting it, think about this. The PQ has always been left-wing, but the BQ was founded by mostly federal Tories sitting in Parliament. The BQ is to the right of the PQ, making the CPC threat to the BQ weaker then the ADQ threat to the PQ.
07 04 10 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
Normally it would be foolish to call anything other than a BQ win here...but...the established paradigm that we've all come to expect is falling apart fast in Quebec. Places that a federalist party should not be competitive in (the Saguneay region for instance) have become very competitive. The north shore burbs turfed MNAs for ADQ candidates. Question is, will they turf BQ MPs int he same way? Logic would say no, but logic doesn't seem to apply in Quebec politics.
07 04 10 P.P.
Bien que l'ADQ ait remporté et Blainville et Terrebonne au niveau provincial, Le Bloc conservera ce comté. La victoire adéquiste a surpris même ceux qui ont voté ADQ. Plusieurs d'entre eux voulaient lancer un message au P.Q. et au Parti libéral.Les valeurs conservatrices n'ont pas beaucoup de prise dans ces régions. Le Bloc, facilement
07 04 02 Nick J Boragina
The ADQ's win here was a shocker to the ADQ itself. Even with the tories far behind in the last ballot, they do stand to potentially gain this time around, especially when you take into account that 2 years ago they had no party machine in the province, and the ADQ had no party machine in the area. Now both are in place, and it could spell surprise victory. Fortier will be looking for a riding to run in, should be pick this one, its anyones guess.
07 04 02 Alphonse
Le Bloc, depuis son existence, a toujours été élu avec une très forte majorité dans ce comté le ‘plus souverainiste’ du Québec. Aucune raison qu'il y ait un changement.

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