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Pickering-Scarborough East
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Becevello, Jason
Christian Heritage
Chue, Rick
Canadian Action
Kalevar, Chai
Khouri, George
McTeague, Dan
New Democratic
Moffat, Andrea

Hon. Dan McTeague

2006 Result:
Dan McTeague **
Tim Dobson
Gary Dale
Jeff Brownridge
Pedro Gonsalves
Chai Kalevar

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Authorized by the Pickering Scarborough East Federal Liberal Association.

08 09 05 Sir Glenn
The only thing the Conservative candidate will catch in this riding is an early winter?s cold. If George ?rerun? Khouri is the best the Cons can put up against McTeague, they deserve to be crushed.
08 04 13 R.O.
Sort of an interesting riding this mp has been getting a lot of press lately quoted on the news a lot for gas prices and few other issues like his resp bill. But I was wondering about dion’s environmental policies and how they might effect gas prices and if there would be a change or increase because of them something that should be considered.
Anyways its been Dan Mcteagues for a number of years so he clearly has the advantage. But the conservatives do have a candidate ready to face him that being George Khouri.
08 02 02 seasaw
Dan's been a very visible, hard working and strong MP for this riding. Even if the Liberals were to experience a Turner type disaster, Dan'll take this one in a cakewalk.
07 11 02 Andrew S
I'm not sure which street is providing information to the contrary, but I think without knowing when the election will be called, who the candidates will be or what the issues will be, we can safely call this riding (and every other riding with 'Scarborough' in it) for the Liberals. I've lived in this riding on and off since '94 and know a number of people there, and the 'word on most streets' is that it won't be particularly close. If the Liberals run a piss-poor campaign, the over/under on McTeague's win margin should probably be set at 5000 votes, though.
07 10 01 MS from durham
I can't believe that Khouri is running again. He has run and lost a lot more than twice in our area, municipally, federally and provincially. It seems he has worn out his welcome with both the liberals and conservatives in the Bowmanville area and now has gone back to the Pickering area.
07 08 09 Durham Guy
Dr. Bear is right. Sadley the small norrow minded few are upset at Dan but not enough to take him out. On another note ‘Frank’ I find it a little odd that when I email Mr Khouri a question recently the responce came from a computer with the same IP address as one of your messages. Go figure.
07 07 28 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
We would like to pose this question to Frank: If McTeague is such a bad MP, why did he win by over 11,000 votes in an election everyone figured was going to be won by the conservatives? There's no doubt there will be some grumbling amongst voters and perhaps rightfully so. However we suspect that the grumbling people may be a minority of like-minded individuals. If all of your friends have the same complaint it may appear that the whiole world has the same complaint. We're not trying to belittle the argument, we just would like to point out that the numbers do not agree with it.
07 06 05 Frank
I totally disagree will Durham Guy. Khouri is from the Pickering-Ajax grass roots and not from Oshawa and I have known him for over 16 years and you're totally wrong about his ego.
This will be the upset of the election as you watch Khouri beat McTeague by over 2000 votes. Remember this prediction from this old community pulse.
07 05 28 Durham Guy
Easy Liberal win since the Tories are running a guy from Oshawa maned Khouri that is only running in this riding because he made a deal not to be contested if he gave up on the nomination against Gilchrist.
Khouri has lost two nominations in the past. Recently against Bev Oda, and before that he lost the Liberal nomination. His ego alone will take him down.
07 04 20 Frank
I disagree with the first 2 opinions for the simple reason that Dan McTeague has been a poor MP in spite of being a great promoter of himself. All he has done is punish his constituents by being a maverick. The word on the street is that his antics have caught up with him. The Conservatives will have a hard hitting candidate run against him,and with his glass jaw,he'll be down and out in the fourth round.
07 04 16 A.S.
Keep in mind that notionally, this seat might have given Reform 25-30% in 1993--admittedly, the constituency was less ‘diverse’ then. Demographics and redistribution-into-Scarborough has only made things better and better for Dan McTeague; but the Grits are no longer in power, and if there's a honeymoon and wave for the Tories this close to Flaherty country, things may start looking dicey around the edges. Sure, McTeague may be a colourful maverick; but so was Roger Gallaway, and you know what happened to him in Sarnia last time. Still, note that I said: things may *start* looking dicey. That's still a stage or two behind genuine endangerment...
07 04 02 M. Lunn
Unlike all the other Durham ridings which could potentially go Conservative, this will stay Liberal. Even if Dan McTeague finished behind the Tories in the Pickering sections (which is unlikely), his massive margins in Scarborough would essentially ensure he wins this since even if the Tories win in Pickering, it won't be by huge margins.
07 03 22 905er
Dan is an institution in his riding - he is well known and well liked. The growth in Scarborough of diverse dynamic new area will only further solidify his lead. Dan's work on Canadians abroad and profile fighting on Consumer issues will also help him. Not that he needs it. He won last time with a massive margin and will again.

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