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Federal Election - 2007

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New Democratic
Dougherty, Simon
Karygiannis, Jim
Lau, Benson
Molder, Adrian

Hon. Jim Karygiannis

2006 Result:
Jim Karygiannis **
Bill Redwood
David Robertson
Casey Maple

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07 12 18 seasaw
Jim Karygiannis is one of the best liked, most respected MP's ever. He's done a tremendous job for this riding. Dion's leadership, will not hurt his chances at all He could even go on vacation during the campaign, and still get more than 50%. Jim is at odds with Dion over his leadership and left of centre policies, so there is a good chance that Dion, who wants 1/3 female candidates, may try to discourage Karygiannis from running and appoint a woman. If that were to happen, then Jim can win here as an independant if he choses to run. If he choses not to run, it would be hard for the Dion appointed Lib candidate to win, since most Karygiannis supporters will resent Dion for such an action. Though Dion is slightly mistake-prone, I don't think he's that mistake-prone. Easy win for Jim, no sweat.
07 07 24 binriso
Easy win for Jimmy K or whoever else runs for the Liberal Party. All of Scarborough is Rock-Solid Liberal and Id be somewhat surprised if any riding went at all under 50% for them, especially this one. Not to mention the NDP and Greens generally get about 20% of the votes remaining in Scarborough, which leaves the CPC with little room to manoeuvre and almost no chance to win.
07 06 08 d v
Jim K has been a fixture in this riding for the last 19 years. Has received the highest returns in Ontario and indeed one of the best constituency M.P's in Canada. His hold on communities and amount of volunteers make this a slam dunk liberal riding. Anyone running here will be crazy to think that they will win against an icon. The win will for Jim K will be at least 3-1.
07 04 15 A.S.
Who might have imagined that this regular fixture in Top 10 Worst MP lists would make his way into the Top 10 Longest-Serving MP list? Well, Jimmy The K knocked out a Tory MP in 1988, and then fate murdered the chance of *any* non-Liberal being elected here ever(?) again. For now, the best that challengers can hope for is rehearsals for strong municipal runs (as w/'06 NDP challenger David Robertson). Sure, CPC might crack an Asian code someday, except that Asiancourt's aging into that even more terminally Liberal phenomenon of fraying-around-the-edges inner-ring suburbia, grow-ops, high-rise brothels and all. Oh well.
07 04 05 Wayne
Jim Karygiannis is a well known figure in the riding. He always wins with great pluralities.
This election will be an easy win for him as was the last one more than likely winning 3 to 1.
Wait until the election gets called and all the red Karygiannis signs start poping up.
07 03 24 M. Lunn
Jim Karygiannis or Jimmy K may not be the most ethical of Liberal politicians, he is known for his mass sign-ups, but this is a riding you could run a monkey in a red suit in and win, so easy Liberal win.

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