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11:13 AM 02/04/2007

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Scarborough Centre
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Cannis, John
New Democratic
Hundt, Natalie
James, Roxanne
Ng, Ella

John Cannis

2006 Result:
John Cannis **
Roxanne James
Dorothy Laxton
Andrew Strachan

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08 05 22 Jason
Scarborough Centre will remain liberal whenever the next election is. Scarborough once had pockets of the progressive conservatives in past elections. Scarborough now has more immigrants since the early nineties. It will remain liberal no matter how weak Dion leadership is.
07 04 13 A.S.
Back when the demo was still Wayne & Garth-ish, this was Lib/PC swing; now it is (aside from condo and brownfield-redevelopment clusters) shopworn and ‘diverse’ first-ring suburbia, and apparently glued to the Liberals forever. Oh, Roxanne James astroturfed the streets with Tory blue last time, hoping people wouldn't notice she was from the Abbotsfordian wing of the party; but unless CPC parachuted in Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the ‘corner the ethnic vote’ tactic wouldn't work either. Alarm bells if John Cannis sinks noticeably under 50%.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
Scarborough is one of the safest Liberal regions in Canada. It is to the Liberals what Rural Alberta is to the Tories, so easy Liberal win here.

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