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3:46 PM 07/04/2007

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Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Bezan, James
New Democratic
Cordner, Pat
Christian Heritage
MacDiarmid, Jane
Walsh, Kevin
Whiteman, Glenda

James Bezan

2006 Result:
James Bezan **
Ed Schreyer
Bruce Benson
Thomas Alexander Goodman
Duncan E. Geisler
Anthony Eric Barendregt

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08 05 19 R.O.
The ndp ran a former premier against then rookie mp James Bezan yet he still managed to get re-elected. Which is significant considering the ndp are still in power at the provincial level in Manitoba and a few areas in the riding where they have some support. James Bezan is likely to hold the riding since he was able to survive the last election. And the conservatives have considerable support in rural Manitoba.
08 02 25 A.S.
Schreyer was just bizarre, even if it took chutzpah for Jack Layton to seek a rebuild of a 70s-style rural-Prairie voting coalition--but maybe with this kind of candidate stunt-casting, it was just a case of Nero Layton fiddling while SaskaRome was burning, to nobody's benefit in particular...
07 04 06 M. Lunn
The northern part of the riding and Selkirk are good areas for the NDP, but with the rest of the Southern part of the riding being staunchly conservative like elsewhere in Rural Manitoba, they should hold this one without too much trouble. They got close to 50% last time around and Ed Schreyer pretty much caused the Liberal vote to collapse into the NDP, yet they still didn't win this so that says to me this is a safe conservative one.
07 04 04 Nick J Boragina
Last election even with a former premier and governor general sucking up all the non-conservative votes, the tories still took this riding with ease. they will do so again.

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