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10:39 AM 28/03/2007

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Westlock-St. Paul
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

New Democratic
Drury, Della
Christian Heritage
Hofstede, Sip
Houle, Leila
Murphy, Aden
Storseth, Brian

Brian Storseth

2006 Result:
Brian Storseth
Cory Ollikka
Peter Opryshko
Richard De Smet
Werner Gisler
Clarence Schultz

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08 09 03 Media Marker
The incumbent here has been conspicuously absent from the riding during his tenure, squandering the goodwill earned by his predecessor Dave Chatters. He has also pointedly excluded a large part of his Conservative constituency from any active role in his administration and campaign, and lingering resentments over this will come back to haunt him.
The Liberal candidate - Leila Houle - is young, attractive, intelligent and involved in the riding. SHe has had an opportunity to make inroads into this traditionally small-c conservative area, and has attracted support from a wide range of political views.
I expect that if she can muster the voters who stayed away in droves in 2006, that she should top the polls in 2008.
07 12 10 A.S.
For whatever it's worth, NFU past president Cory Ollikka easily scored the best '06 Liberal result in an Alberta riding not prefaced by ‘Calgary’ or ‘Edmonton’--and that's still only 15%. No contest.
07 03 25 Ancastarian
A rural Alberta riding - guaranteed slam-dunk for the Conservatives.

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