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Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Durant, Karen
Fast, Ed
Felger, Tim
New Democratic
Rai, Bonnie
Traverse, Lionel Dominique

Ed Fast

2006 Result:
Ed Fast
Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson
David Oliver
Stephanie Ashley-Pryce
Tim Felger
Richard Gebert
David S. MacKay

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08 09 13 Kevin Scott
This is one of the safest Conservative seats in Canada. Ed Fast is well-liked and seen as a kinder gentler alternative to his predecessor, the abrasive Randy White. Fast is supported by the local Mennonite and religious communities who historically select the successful politicians in the region. He has kept together a coalition of old Reform Party members, Joe Clark Conservatives, provincial Liberals as well as the local churches and the Indo-Canadian community. This election will be won by the Conservatives, no other party will come close to garnering their share of the vote.
07 04 22 A.S.
Actually, don't be surprised if the Grits make gains here, too--if only by default, as the '06 Liberal candidate aborted his campaign after a failed smear on the NDP. Anyway, here in Socred-in-91 country, it's all trivia in the inevitable electoral shadow of Fast Eddie...
07 04 21 Dave
Easy Ed Fast win. Very socially conservative riding. Look for the NDP and the Greens in my opinion to make gains, I believe the Environment and pollution to be a big issue here
07 04 06 Brian Appel
This is, easily, the most right-leaning riding in BC. It's been said before, actually, that in the BC bible belt, Abbotsford is the buckle. Lots of elderly folks, lots of Christians, lots of rural land. Easy hold for Fast.
07 03 28 M. Lunn
Unlike Vancouver which is knowing for being quite liberal, this is very conservative being on the opposite side on most issues of Vancouverites. Randy White's comments in 2004 may have cost the Conservatives the election federally, but he still won in a landslide, so I think that pretty much says it all. This is the most Conservative riding west of the Rockies and it is politically more in line with Alberta or the US Midwest in its thinking and voting patterns than most of British Columbia.
07 03 27 Nick J Boragina
This is the riding that for years elected Randy White to Parliament, perhaps the most right-wing member we have ever seen. Now that the tories have someone a bit more logical in place, I donít see that they will have any problems whatsoever in holding on to this riding. easy tory win.

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