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3:52 PM 07/04/2007

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Cariboo-Prince George
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

Adamick, Drew
New Democratic
Collins, Bev
Gook, Douglas
Harris, Dick
Van Drielen, Amber

Dick Harris

2006 Result:
Dick Harris **
Simon Yu
Alfred Julian Trudeau
Alex Bracewell
Christopher S. M. Kempling
Bev Collins
Carol Lee Chapman
Don Roberts

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08 03 03 A.S.
Dumbledore Dick's been going strong ever since the sweet green Reform icing came flowing down on his behalf in 1993--maybe if Prince George constituted a seat in itself, it'd be threatened; but split in two, it means two safe CPCers. Though the ascent of Jack Layton led to a strong-enough second-place NDP in '04, and then the provincial Dippers scored some unforeseen rural victories and near-victories hereabouts, which led (together with good reviews of Nathan Cullen next door) to murmurs of upset potential--but then NDP blew it by falling back to third behind the Liberals in '06. Yup, Dick vs. D'oh. To be safe, I'm not giving this one to anything but CPC--for now, at least.
07 11 06 tducey
Dick Harris should hold this seat, I don't even think any of the other parties have nominated candidates here yet.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
Dick Harris is not exactly the strongest MP, but the Conservatives have a good solid base of over 40% and the remaining 50-60% is split between the NDP and Liberals with neither party having enough strength to take the riding. In addition running a single centre-left candidate wouldn't necessarily work here as many Liberals and NDP have the Conservatives as their second choice as opposed to the other, so otherwise Dick Harris wins no matter what, even if he isn't that popular.

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