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Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon
Federal Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

New Democratic
Kormendy, Helen
Lebeau, Barbara
Christian Heritage
Ludwig, Harold J.
O'Donnell, Dorothy-Jean
Strahl, Chuck
Sweeney, Myra

Hon. Chuck Strahl

2006 Result:
Chuck Strahl **
Malcolm James
Myra Sweeney
Ed Baye
Ron Gray
Dorothy-Jean O'Donnell

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08 09 13 Kevin Scott
Chuck Strahl is an extremely popular and well-liked MP, with the capability of enticing voters from other parties to give him their support. He is a former Reform MP, who has always been perceived as moderate, reasonable and a gentleman. Given that this area is a hotbed of conservatism, and given that the Conservatives have such a popular candidate, the outcome of this election is not in doubt.
08 09 08 Fountainviewkid
This is one of the most Conservative riding's in all of BC, part of the Bible Belt. While there is a significant first nations presence this is not enough to stem the Canadian tide. This riding has a lot of farmers who are very happy with Chuck Strahl. It's Strahl's in a landslide. In fact this is one of the few riding's where the NDP place second and liberals place third, also evidenced by MLA Lali winning a good portion of the district in the provincial election.
08 02 20 A.S.
Actually, it's not that uniform or pure a ‘Fraser Valley Tory’ seat; within the Fraser Canyon interior and down t/w Hope, CPC tallies not much more than a third of the vote (and that part more or less coincides with the provincial riding Yale-Lillooet, a stronghold for NDPer Harry Lali). But west of Hope, all opposition hope disappears. Chilliwack rejecting Chuck? That's fly-by-night crazy talk...
07 11 06 tducey
Easy hold here for the CPC and Chuck Strahl. Strahl is a strong minister and representative for the people in this riding and I think they re-elect him.
07 04 06 Brian Appel
You have to hand it to Strahl. Another guy with terminal lung cancer would bow out and spend more time with his family while he can, but the guy is a politician through and through. Strahl may not be the best man for Agriculture, but the guy is going to get re-elected easily. People in Chilliwack love Chuck.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
With a large chunk of the riding being in the Fraser Valley, this is a very safe conservative riding, never mind Chuck Strahl is quite popular here. Although he may be hated by some Prairie farmers over his policy on the Canadian Wheat Board, I doubt many in the riding have too strong a feeling on the issue one way or another.

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