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Federal Election - 2007

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Allen, Huguette
New Democratic
Brown, Alice
No Affiliation
Campbell, Gordie
Francis, Janna
Mayes, Colin
Canadian Action
Seymour, Darren

Colin Mayes

2006 Result:
Colin Mayes
Alice Brown
Will Hansma
Harry Naegel
Gordon Campbell
Darren Seymour
Neville O'Grady

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08 09 13 Sam Zaharia
Colin Mayes is an impotent lackie who has been directed by his own party leaders to stand down and keep his mouth shut during this campaign to avoid embarassing the party. On the other hand for anyone who has met Hugette Allen or heard her speak it is plain to see that she is easily respectable, well informed and well spoken. Green Party membership in this constituency has reached a level where if each member convinces just 4 people to vote Green Hugette will take this riding.
08 02 16 A.S.
While NDP was viable here in the 80s, today it's archetypally BC Interior Tory--and happily, as a former provincial BC Reform candidate who's prone to boners now and again, Colin Mayes makes for a worthwhile successor to Darrel Stinson. As for NDP or Liberal (or, might as well, Green) making it? As Mayes would put it, ‘good joke’.
07 04 02 M. Lunn
A fairly Conservative riding and with neither the NDP or Liberals being strong enough to take on the Tories, Colin Mayes should once again get re-elected, although probably with less than 50% of the popular vote.

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