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9:25 PM 22/09/2007

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Mississauga—Brampton South
Ontario Provincial Election - 2007

Constituency Profile

New Democratic
Progressive Conservative

Brampton West-Mississauga (60%)
Vic Dhillon
Mississauga East (24.7%)
Peter Fonseca
Mississauga Centre (15.1%)
Hon Harinder S. Takhar
Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale (0.3%)
Kuldip Kular

2003 Result (redistributed):

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07 10 01 Nick J Boragina
This is the solidest (is that a word) Liberal riding in Mississauga (hyphen Brampton South) Like other ridings in Mississauga (hyphen…) it trends as Mississauga (and that teeny bit of Brampton) does. Mississauga (and the speck) tend to swing as bellwethers more so then Brampton (minus the speck) in the peel region. Weather it has a piddly speck of Brampton in it or not, this riding will go Liberal.
07 09 18 John
I just found out that all 3 candidates from the major parties are from Brampton and all from the same community. 90% of this riding is in Mississauga and I just don't feel that we are voting for people who care for the whole riding. It rather looks like a community power struggle instead of true democracy. Its a competition between wealthy representatives of a specific community, all based in Brampton.
No diversity here, no real choice either. All candidates are to alike to have a real distinct choice.
07 09 17 A.S.
I'd agree that we ought to downplay the Indo-Canadian voting bloc angle, even if it's from that realm that M-BS's major political players have emanated; all in all, it's more of a 'diverse melting pot' happy-go-lucky ethnoboomburb seat, where the multihued/multiorigined kids are as likely to attend regular public/Catholic schools as anyone. And it's another one where the Liberals might have come very close if not won in '95 and '99. Likewise, if they hold any one seat in Peel now, it'll be this one.
07 09 15 Andrew Cox
Liberal pick up (new riding).
1) Notwithstanding my anonymous friend with the August posting, I'm not sure the Hindu community is the titanic voting bloc indicated. Only 6% of the riding indicated their religion as ‘Hindu’ in the 2001 census, and while I'm sure this has increased, it is likely still far behind Catholics at almost 44%, Protestants over 15%, no religion at 10% and Sikhs at 8%. So nomination sour grapes aren't going to be the deciding factor here.
2) If organization is the deciding factor, than its all about Navdeep Bains. The federal MP is probably the best organizer in the Liberal party right now, and Macleans basically said his decision to follow Kennedy to Dion won the convention for Dion. Bains has a very deep and strong organization here, and he is supporting Mangat completely.
3) Ravi Singh is not terribly organized. For instance, as of today, he still doesn't have his photo on the PC Party website page on him.
4) Demographics and history say this riding should go Liberal, but its Peel, so who knows.
07 08 22
This is a public note found on facebook:
The rumour is that Ontario Liberal party will appoint Amrit Manjat as the Liberal candiate for Mississauga Brampton south. Amrit was choosen over several qualified candidates in the list including Iqbal from the Muslim community , Mandy Maghera from the Moderate sikh group, Michelle meghie from the black community and Dipika from hindu community.
However the support of WSO and harinder were key to clinch the deal for Amrit, who is opposed by many sikhs, including the nanak gurudwara in the riding.
Indo-Canadians who got scent of the appointment were frustrated. Dalton McGuinty.George Smithermann and Harinder Thakar who were at the India Independence day celebrations were questioned about the appointment of an anti-India candidate and some one who propogates separation of punjab from India!
It did not stop there, apparently Indo-Canadian groups including senior Liberals are frustrated with the continued support to extremists from the Liberal party,are going to announce their endorsement for John Tory.
It was recently exposed by CBC on the support from Dalton McGunity to extremist groups in the Sikh community and later Mike Colle used his Liberal slush funds to support groups that are anti- India and hailed Canadian terrorists as heros.
Now following that is the report of giving another anti-India person a seat. It is said that there was a meeting held by the seniro community leaders after the Independence day celebrations and a decision was made to endorse John Tory for the next elections and canvass with all the moderate sikhs and Hindu's to support John Tory.
Indo-Canadians are starting to get organized and there is a new group ?hindus for harper? that is gaining popularity. There are no Hindu's in the Liberal caucus, but many Sikhs and Muslims, even anglo Indian.
Two star candidates from the Hindu community, Dipika Damerela for provincial Mississauga Brampton south and Vijay Sappani for federal Scarborough south west were sidelined by the Liberals. Dipika was dropped in favour of the support from the khalistanis and Vijay who is green lit, is being tried to be forced out because he was a major supporter for Ignatieff and Dion's people are trying to push Andrew Kania in that riding.All this for saying that the leadership is over.
Liberals know that the Indo-Canadians have never voted as a bloc and are not politically active, but what the Liberals don't know is that there is a huge organization of the hindus going on in the community and all these people could go to support Harper in the next election making a difference in 4-5 seats in 905 area. The rumour is that all the Hindu temple presidents got together and getting the Hindu's organized through the temple and communith organizations.
It looks like this organization will now go to support John Tory provincially and will be interesting to see what happens federally. The odds are stacked against the Liberals.
07 08 10 RyanOntario
this seat could go pc or liberal it will depend on what happens as the campaign moves into the final weeks.
with no incumbent either party has a chance to pick this seat up , but this part of peel seems to be liberal but that might not mather on election day it could still go pc .

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