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Kelowna-Lake Country

Prediction Changed
12:39 PM 17/01/2009

Constituency Profile

Clarke, Alan
Green Party
Fugger, Ryan
Graham, Mary-Ann
Letnick, Norm
Reed, Matthew

Kelowna-Lake Country
(Approx. 99% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 05 05 Jacob Dennison
I don't know how you make your predictions, but I can tell you this, your current prediction on the BC Liberals winning Kelowna Lake Country, is out a country mile. ( Pardon the Pun ) A major upset is on the horizon here in Kelowna Lake Country. Alan Clarke a 4th generation very popular Farmer and Businessman, from the Glenmore Valley of Lake Country is way ahead of both the Liberals and NDP. Both the Liberal and NDP candidates are young non-residents. Alan Clarke is running as an Independent, the last Independent candidate elected in Kelowna was WAC Bennett. At that time Alan Clarke a youngster was the President of the Social Credit Youth movement. Alan's Aunt Betty Clarke was principle secretary to Brian Mulroney. Alan Clarke is an organizer with the Federal Conservative Party and closely tied to local Conservative MP Ron Cannan. Alan Clarke Independent is even sporting the Federal Conservative C in his name, on his signage and electoral advertising. This riding needs to be watched closely, its not looking very good for the Liberal and NDP here. The BC Conservatives and the Green Party are non issues here.
09 04 23 Voter18
The Liberals could run pretty much anyone for this riding and win, so its a pretty sure hold for them even if they don't reform government. The activity of the BCCons might cost some votes but...
09 01 17 Predictor
With the federal Liberal dead in the water with Dion, the NDP was still not able to break 20% here last October. Since the provincial Liberals take in both federal Liberals and Conservatives vote in this neck of the wood, this riding is staying Liberal.

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